Ok V looks bad ass!

by John Wilker in Random
I mentioned this a LOOOOONNG time ago, and am thrilled it’s actually coming.
I gotta say the cast of characters looks good too, though I recognize very few of them, so I’m guessing they’re not staying with the canon from the original show, kind of a bummer, since Donovan was bad ass for a photo journalist!

7 Responses to “Ok V looks bad ass!”

  1. TJ Downes says:

    Can't wait :D

  2. senocular says:

    I believe this was a stargate episode…

  3. John Wilker says:

    LOL. Yeah it was. Wondering if they're leaving the "we eat humans" aspect, or just going "make humans extinct"

    Hope it's not star trek-tified too much. Alternate reality? The motherships looked better in the first. These look odd somehow.

  4. Rich Rodecker says:

    nice, that does look good! I hope they do keep the eating humans part…and rats.

  5. Tim says:

    A few good reasons why I'll watch this:

    1. Made by the guy who created "The 4400," which I loved.

    2. Elizabeth Mitchell. Sure, I'll miss her on "Lost," but this is a bigger role for her and she looks awesome in this. Especially the end scene.

  6. John Wilker says:

    the 4400 was awesome, sad that USA pulled a network TV and killed it.

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