Again, we need a law to enforce “Don’t be a dick”

by John Wilker in Random, Travel

I travel a fair amount, nothing like my friends in United’s 1k program, but still, enough to know how it works, what to do, etc.

Airports are like movies and concerts in that they encourage asshole behavior hand “It’s all about me” thinking. I don’t know why, and not everyone does it, but it seems easier to get to that point when flying.

I typically check my bags. Either I’m meeting Tom and my flight is first anyway so I have time, or I’m traveling long enough that I need my big bag. 9 out of 10 times, even when I’m flying with my smaller luggage (that can fit overhead) I check it.

I understand a lot of people are in a hurry (whether they really are or just think they are) and don’t want to wait for luggage, that’s ok. But those same people seem to usually be the ones who can’t or won’t grasp the “must fit in overhead, and only 1 allowed” rule. I’ve seen people with 2 rolly bags, 1 rolly bag, and a huge duffel, etc. there’s many variations.

What sucks is that, a big bag will fit sideways if you’re the first person on the plane, and as usually happens, the people with the big bags make sure they’re on early and can steal an overhead for their oversized bag(s).

I guess congress is stepping in on behalf of the non-asshole-air travelers. I read about it on the Tom Bihn (awesome bags) blog.

I agree with the Time’s Writer, when he says that pushing bag size checking to the TSA zone, means slower security checks. Yeah, as if we need slower security. My only recommendation to make that not be a huge time suck, make the apperture of the xray machine the size of the “allowed” bag. if it can’t fit in the machine, it won’t fit in a bin. This will at least solve 1 dimension of the “steamer trunk” problem.

I’m torn. I don’t like laws that enforce common sense or non asshole behavior, but having been forced to watch the plane I’m on leave late because of the baggage wrangling that is required, I certainly wouldn’t mind a “gold standard” in luggage.

Maybe instead of making luggage size a TSA problem, the luggage industry should step up and make bags that are the right size, and clearly the wrong size, so there’s less guesswork, “will this fit” going on.

OR, we could all stop being self centered retards. I know, who am I kidding

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  1. Awesome Robot says:

    The main problem with checking your luggage is that there is no oversight on the people who rifle through your checked bags. Valuables are frequently stolen by security personnel. At least until recently when the airlines have been cracking down on theft. I'm nervous to trust TSA employees with an expensive camera or game system when I know people who've had DVD box sets ripped off. The chances seem to be low now, but traveling is nerve-wracking enough, and it's nice to know you have control over your possessions. Even forgetting theft, if you miss your connecting flight, you're stuck in one city while your things go on to your destination. Flying in the same clothes you flew in the day before is not pleasant!

    Of course, that means that when I travel, I take less stuff so I can carry it, or check at the gate for small planes.

    Now if we're talking about common sense, there's a lot that the TSA is required to do that flies in the face of it. The liquid ban is utterly backwards. The people who were arrested for trying that were found out through detective work, not through security screenings, and most chemists say their plan was not very realistic. It's more dangerous to deprive elderly people of water and infants of pumped breast milk. The "Threat level is orange" announcements need to stop. The threat level has been orange since the threat level color code has existed. It's meaningless. The expensive body screening machines that look through your clothes, and are used more often on attractive ladies than suspicious acting people need to go away. We should be spending that money training FBI agents so we have more detectives stopping plots before they get to the airport, especially since there's no evidence that airports are a particular target. Stadiums, malls, and churches are more vulnerable than airports, and just as "good" terror targets. We shouldn't have to deal with draconian TSA-like security in all public places. Or even at airports. You prevent terror attacks through detective work, and infiltration, not be treating your citizens like suspects.

  2. Dick says:

    Thanks for the post about dickheads that bring steamer trunks on a plane, stow them above others seats and generally act like dicks by not giving a poop about anyone else. I posted about this on my blog with a link to your post.

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