August 2009

macworld Snow Leopard hidden features

So I’ve had Snow Leopard since WWDC, but was amazed at the number of things this video showed, that I had no idea existed! Some were more “Meh, that’s nice” and a few were “Wow, turning that on, right now!” If you’ve just installed Snow Leo, or are planning to this weekend, spend 7 minutes to watch this video! Other than a few apps either not working at all, or not working well (iStat Menus and CS4 in that order), I’ve found running Snow Leo to be very awesome. No crashes, no weirdness, no typical early adopter pains, just a few aches.

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A little recharge never killed anyone

This past weekend I went and visited my folks. It was nice, it’s been a while since I visited so that was extra nice, hate not seeing them for so long, time just flies! I flew into Portland, and hung out with my sister for a few hours, then headed out to Long Beach WA (Just north of Astoria, home of the The Goonies) for the weekend. Long Beach is one of those sleepy little beach towns, where money and motivation seem to not weigh as much on people’s souls. For better or worse, folks seem to move at their own pace, LOL. As it happened it was also the Annual Kite Festival, and one of the nicer weekends for the festival in years (I’m told). The sun was out…

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IgniteDenver October 14th

I’m back again with Ignite Denver. We’re rocking Casselman’s again! October 14th! For the most up to date info, make sure you follow the Ignite Denver blog, that’s where speaker and sponsor announcements are made, etc. We’re looking for help! Ignite Denver is looking to grow from a 2 people operation, to a committee run deal! We need more awesomeness to grow Ignite Denver! Denver, raise your hands! Get involved!

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V looks A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!

I’m not sure what I think about the character of Mike Donavan being a priest (I presume that’s who he’s supposed to be, no names are used on the spot) But hot damn if this clip doesn’t get you excited about watching white mice and guinea pigs eaten alive, well nothing probably will. Just freakin’ cool! It almost seems like in this clip that the goal isn’t to eat us, which is weird, since that was the corner stone (and stealing our water) of the original miniseries/series/sequel book.

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