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September 2009

Another argument for the Uni-Tasker

I’m all for the iPhone doing a lot of things, but navigation ain’t one. Google maps is just fine for a quicky, “Where the hell am I?” type need. If I’m taking a long trip i use my dedicated GPS Nav. It’s UI is specific to it’s purpose, and so is the hardware. No additional brackets needed, no cel service needed to help get a fix, etc. Turn it on, it works. If it runs out of batteries I can still make calls on my phone.

While it’s telling me where to go, I can also make and receive calls on my phone, go figure.

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First time in Vail, very pretty

Actually it was my second, but the first time, we didn’t stop. Tom and I drove straight thru when Nicole and I moved to CO. It was for our friend’s wedding. Lucky for us it was also Oktoberfest in Vail, w00t! We actually didn’t endulge since we had to be coherent for the ceremony. We did buy new light jackets which was good :) The wedding was awesome, despite the rain gods choosing to open up right as she started to walk down the aisle (Outdoor wedding of course), but we all ran inside, hung out for about 10 minutes, then did a nice take two. Worked out perfectly. We bummed around Vail Sunday morning before leaving. Actually just around Lionshead, which was a short walk from where we were…

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Sprint Mifi Review

It’s common, if anecdotal knowledge in downtown Denver that during Rockies home games, the AT&T network pretty much collapses (sad, but true). You’ll have full bars, and can’t complete a call or open an email. I’ve taken to carrying the Mifi in my pocket or backback (as the case may be) and having it on the whole time and letting that serve up data for my iPhone. Voice is a little trickier, but Skype solves that issue, if I REALLY need to make a call right then. Sad, but hey, it’s a nice back up plan, since AT&T can’t be relied on.

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