Wasn’t gonna post about 9/11 but

by John Wilker in community

I came across this iPhone app (iTunes Link) called 9/11 Numbers that simply shook me to my core.

I can remember very clearly walking into my office in Orange County, seeing some co-workers in the big conference room with one of those TV/VCR carts (didn’t even know we had any) watching TV. It went down hill from there.

These are a few screen captures that jumped out at me, but each number is significant, the app is free, if you ever find yourself forgetting, load it up.

  • IMG_1440
    It wasn’t just the poor souls in the planes :(
  • IMG_1443
    Longest 102 minutes of my life
  • IMG_1444
  • IMG_1441
    I’m lucky in that no one I (directly) knew was hurt or killed. My good friend Mindy Troutman was in the city, didn’t work in the towers. A member of the car forum I belonged to at the time was killed.
  • IMG_1446
  • IMG_1445Thank you.

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