Why do we listen to Steve Jobs about other Tech?

Steve doesn’t like the Kindle, well duh!

Why would anyone even ask him about it? Looking back on Steve commenting on technology, he (at least lately) seems to dismiss things as lame and not what people want (cuz only Steve truly knows what we want), right up until Apple releases their version of said thing.

Case in point. iPhone apps.

When the iPhone launched and everyone was all aflutter and bitching that it had no 3rd party apps, Steve very clearly said, “People just want their phone to work, they don’t want a bunch of crap on it cluttering it up and slowing it down”

Then bam. iPhone SDK graces us. Which is fine, but clearly a change in stance on what “people want” on their phones.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Steve talk kindly about a non Apple device, so I’m not sure how it’s news that he thinks the Kindle is the suck.

Pogue points out a nice Jobsian contradiction. “People just don’t want a dedicated device” (Which I don’t agree with), wonder if that means he’ll kill the Apple TV? It’s seems like it’s been on life support since launch day, and if in fact Steve believes that people don’t want uni-taskers, then Apple TV shoulda been dead a long time ago.

Steve Jobs seems like a great visionary, if scary person to be in an elevator with, but much like those who talk to Rob Enderle, I don’t know why we expect Steve to ever say anything nice about any device that doesn’t have an Apple on it somewhere.

2 Responses to “Why do we listen to Steve Jobs about other Tech?”

  1. marc says:

    So true. The best one, I will paraphrase – 2 statements:

    1- "Apple users are among the most intelligent and on the cutting edge of technology."
    2- "I fear that iPhone users will not be able to distinguish the difference between Google Voice and the phone"

    (Might be from generic press releases, I read so many stupid things from Apple)

    For me life on a Mac is like working with crayons when I need razor blade. Music on Mac is the only difference (limited to Core Audio and nothing else). So I use my Linux box first, then Windows, and Mac last.

    The point being – I don't appreciate hypocrites wearing blinders guided by the "cult of followers". Truth be told, they are only OS's. I decide on performance and what suites my need. I encourage others to do the same. Viva choice!

  2. ethan says:

    "I decide on performance and what suites my need"
    I agree, but i come to the conclusion that a macbook pro is what solves my problems. If i have to run xp for a client then i use fusion. Everyone is different so for some crayons are the solutions while razor blades are these god awful, badly designed OS's that piss you off at every turn.

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