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October 2009

Stream Netflix on my PS3… Via a Blue Ray disc?

I’m not even sure where to start with how retarded this idea is.

I mean, I can stream Netflix in Boxee (post on that later), sounds like Windoze media center can stream Netflix. Roku boxes can stream it. Hell I can stream it on my Macbook!

So why is it that the only solution Sony and Netflix could come up with was a Blue Ray disc, that launched BD Live to access Netflix and stream the content? Really?

Why not a separate device that plugs into the PS3? Maybe a special modem? maybe a USB dongle that acts as hardware key on some software solution?

I don’t care if the disc is free or not, I don’t really see it as being worth the headache of 1. not losing the disc, 2. keeping it unscratched, and 3. putting it in every time I want to use it just to watch a movie.

I think I’ll stick with the other better solutions for now.

Sony/Netflix, please try again.

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How the Library can survive and Thrive.

Tom and I were in LA for Adobe MAX a few weeks ago. On our last day before heading to LAX, we walked around the LA Public Library. It’s a cool ass building, I gotta say. Massive pillars, cool art, immense open space. I hadn’t been in a library in a long time, it’s nice to be surrounded by books, and people who like them.

As always we started talking about technology, and in particular eBooks, and eReaders, and how the library of tomorrow won’t look like the one we were walking through.

Here’s the idea we came up with, looking at the crowd of people in the library.

Offer a Kindle (or a Nook, or whatever) to each library member. Of course they’d need to be subsidized somehow, and you could probably get away with charging something super small, $20 maybe? Just to put a value on it to holders. It’s Library property, so you could also enforce some “Lose it, buy it” deal, and give the $20 back if it’s returned in working order. Otherwise it’s a lifetime deal like a library card.

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The Nook, From “I need” to “I’ll Pass” in a week.

So in the span of a week, the nook from Barnes & Noble has gone from zero to hero and is now hovering around, “dude I kinda look up to, a little, but not enough to want to be him”

The quick turn around was largely due to new facts coming out, like this. Turns out, the lending feature is pretty much destined to be vaporware.

You can only lend 1 book, one time, ever. That’s it, lend it to a friend, and you can lend it no longer. And of course, while it’s lent out, you can’t read it. Sure a real book works like that, but this AREN’T REAL BOOKS. It’s an eBook, the “e” allows for things that the dead tree model can’t afford.
The lending feature, much like the Kindle’s now never turned on, Text-to-speach feature is at the mercy of publishers. Which to me, from experience, means, it’ll be turned off on 95% of all eBooks. Cuz of course, why would the publishers want us to use things we purchase, in ways we like?

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iApp Review Simon the Sorcerer 2

The makers of Simon the Sorcerer 2 asked me to give the game a shot. I did.

I’m not a big Role player, so probly not the best person for this game. I did enjoy it a bit, but as a ‘casual gamer’ it wouldn’t be for me.

The game play is fun, but a bit confusing, there’s cross hairs, icons, double tapping, etc.

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