Stream Netflix on my PS3… Via a Blue Ray disc?

by John Wilker in Business, I am a Consumer, Mac, Technology

I’m not even sure where to start with how retarded this idea is.

I mean, I can stream Netflix in Boxee (post on that later), sounds like Windoze media center can stream Netflix. Roku boxes can stream it. Hell I can stream it on my Macbook!

Like this:

5 Responses to “Stream Netflix on my PS3… Via a Blue Ray disc?”

  1. Bob says:

    As far as I know the only reason for the disc is to get around their xbox 360 exclusivity contract.

  2. John Wilker says:

    Kinda lame. Should be a lesson to Netflix to not get into those kinds of deals.

  3. Richard says:

    They also said it was a temporary measure until they could include it in a PS3 update. So free disc to get it out as soon as possible to the people who want it, software update later. Yes, what horrible people they are.

  4. John Wilker says:

    I just said it's a retarded idea, not that they're horrible people.

    While I can only speak for myself, are there really that many PS3 owners, that simply can't wait for a new software update? It's not like Sony doesn't roll one out every other month.

    I see this as a knee jerk reaction, so that Sony can jump on the "Me too" train for Netflix streaming.

  5. John Wilker says:

    So the rumors of Netflix on Wii are now flowing, wonder how they'll do it? DVD disc?

    Or maybe the unlame way? With a software update.

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