Trade in my Kindle for a nook?

I’m defintiely a Kindle fanboy. I’ve never owned another eReader, nor thought a netbook or even notebook was a remotely viable alternative to an eReader, heck even an iPhone/iTouch, isn’t up to the job IMO.

500x_android_02And now I’m torn.

The Nook (Gizmodo Review), looks incredible. Up until now, the other eReaders, looked F-ugly, performed poorly, cost too much, etc. But B&N seems to have hit a home run. I’ll admit, I haven’t seen one in person, yet. If half the write ups are accurate though, this device has true Kindle killer potential.

I’ve also made no bones about the things I think Amazon is doing wrong; DRM, proprietary format, pricing, etc. Can the Nook, counter enough of them to win me over?

The nook, certainly looks like a great alternative to the Kindle. So much so, I’m really debating my allegiance to Jeff and Co.

Battery Life:

When measuring time in days, does 10 or 14 matter? Not to me. I charge my Kindle about every 4-5 days when I go to sleep. When I travel sometimes I don’t even charge it. 10 days or 14 makes no difference to me. SO long as I have Days, NOT hours, i’m good.


You know, i don’t care. So long as there’s broadband, I don’t care if it’s Whispernet or AT&T. Though given that I’m an iPhone owner, and know first hand how shitty AT&T’s network is, I’ll be really mad if I have to wait an hour for a book to be delivered. Wifi will be nice, when I travel overseas, but really, not that nice. I mean, I’d likely buy as many books as I planned to read, before leaving.

Sharing AKA Collaboration?

The big thing for me, that the Nook comes closer with its sharing feature than the Kindle… well the Kindle doesn’t even try. Fuck piracy yo! But it’s a book, it’s meant to be shared. Hell yeah I want it back! But if I think it’s worthwhile enough to share, I want to be able to do that! If I want to show someone how great it is, so they buy their own, awesome! Just the other day, Tom suggested I pick up Gary V’s book. I was torn, Gary goes between being inspirational for me, and my wanting to punch him. I told him, “You better be right, I don’t have money to buy books I won’t want” Tom lucked out, and Gary V rocked it. “Crush It!” is worth the buy. Had Tom bee able to loan it to me for two weeks, I’d have read it for a day or two and bought it.

What I’m not sure about, and don’t see mentioned, can the person I lend the book to, make annotations? Will those come back with the book? It’s not exactly what I want, which is two people, two copies of the book, sharing notes. But it might be closer, and with Android, certainly more likely.

Add to that the free in store reading, that’s kinda awesome. Gimmicky for sure, I haven’t been in a B&N in months, but I might visit one more often with a Nook in hand.



The second screen, while kinda weird to think about, sounds awesome. I hate the keyboard on my Kindle. it’s small, hard to use, and mostly in the way. I’m a note making fool and barely use it.

If I could have a keyboard when I needed it, and say media controls (I’ve never used them on the Kindle, but still) always on the bottom, NOT interfering with reading, all I gotta say is w00t!


I hate closed systems. Sure I don’t want crazy hacked instability roll your solution shit, but I always like to be able to mod my stuff. I jailbroke my iPhone to have themes, I hacked my Kindle so I’d stop looking at old Bookplates and authors. Andriod, while I’m not a fan of the phones, opens some seriously awesome doors for the Nook. Hell that second screen could be streaming internet radio, or playing MP3s while I read, without me having to leave the book to control that function. It could show me a running tally on the notes I’ve written so far, or a live dictionary. hell it could be showing me twitter! All while I read my book.

Downside: Amazon.

The one thing that gives me pause is two parts really. It’s Amazon. I’ve had my Kindle for maybe 6 months, bought dozens of books. I like being able to fire up amazon, find a book, and assuming there’s a kindle version, begin reading in under 5 minutes. Sure I can go to the Barnes & Noble site, but it’s not the same, sorry guys.

PLUS, what happens to the dozens of books I’ve bought for my Kindle? Some of which I haven’t read yet. Sure I can probably hack something together to strip the DRM, turn into a usable format, etc, but that’s a PITA. Kinda sad, what makes me not like the Kindle, also locks me into it unless I’m willing to lose my purchases. Way to go Amazon.

What do you think?

12 Responses to “Trade in my Kindle for a nook?”

  1. Brent Bonet says:

    I haven't looked into it yet, but won't you have the same issue with not being to transfer books from your Nook if something else comes along or if you decide you like the Kindle better and want to transfer your Nook books to it?

  2. John Wilker says:

    Unknown (at least I haven't seen it). It uses ePub, which is more open and becoming industry standard. I haven't seen any talk about using their own flavor of ePub, so I assume (Hope) that it's DRM on the existing standard, so that might be portable.

    Nook to Kindle, probably as "no go" as Kindle to Nook. There's hacks, but I don't see an official method existing until eBooks get more ubiquitous and consumers realize they're "being butt raped by a large inmate" (Bonus for name that song!) AKA, Amazon and B&N.

    Also i saw on another blog this morning. B&N hasn't figured out eBook pricing and trends several dollars per title higher than amazon. Maybe that will change when the Nook actually hits the street, but if not, that's a deal breaker.

  3. Tom Gonzalez says:

    I was thinking the same thing as you John, about getting a Nook, until I heard about B & N pricing which is across the board higher than Amazon. Apparently some titles are over 50% more expensive. I guess B & N is betting on the allure of the hardware to suck people in…. bad bet in my opinion.

  4. John Wilker says:

    yeah i really, really hope B&N get's a clue on pricing. they don't have to be lower than Amazon, but they MUST be the same. eBook pricing has a lot to do with the devices success.

  5. BookWhore says:

    I have a Kindle and have looked into the Nook eBook pricing. It is about the same in my opinion. I have decided to trade my kindle for a nook. I think in the long run it will be totally worth the investment.

    I think what we do need to realize is that we are really on like the 3rd or 4th attempt at the kindle. Amazon has had time to play around and market to see what works. Barnes and Noble is taking from those experiences and building on the general consumer complaints about the kindle. I think that we will steadily see vast improvements as BN starts to add applications and software updates.

    Nothing that comes out at first is 100%– look at the bloody iPhone.

    • John Wilker says:

      Yeah it looks like B&N clued in real fast on the pricing disparity. That's good, looks like the 9.99 price is settled on.

      I'd argue that B&N hasn't listened at all to what consumers don't like in the Kindle, any more than Palm did with the Pre. I say this based on my complaints, and the common threads I see on Kindle Forums.

      1. folders, tagging or someway at all of organizing content. Amazon has ignored the request, and with Android it should have been a slam dunk, yet it's ignored on the Nook too.
      2. DRM

      All B&N has really done is take the Kindle, add a few bells and whistles, take a few bells and whistles off.

      You're right the iPhone wasn't (and still isn't) perfect when it debuted, but it was lightyears ahead of it's competition, and remains so.

      The Nook isn't ahead of the Kindle in any meaningful ways, and the jury's out on whether the Publishing industry lets Android be completely open. The Nook isn't, sadly, any less crippled by the publishers than the Kindle.

      Text to speach (crippled to uselessness on the Kindle) has been replaced with Lending, which if even allowed to be activated, is already pretty much crippled to uselessness. :(

      If you do swap out, definitely let me know what you think! I'm eager to hear some first hand impressions.

  6. gbig says:

    Bonus points to me….Sublime – Date Rape.

  7. Jim says:

    I've ordered a Nook after waiting to see what Apple was producing. The iPad is a lot of things but an eBook reader is not one of them.

    My reasons are as follows.

    The Nook, with its Android operating system, is open and hackable. The Nook has been out three months and it's already rooted with a soft hack. Check out the programs that are up at nookDevs.

    Don't like DRM? Talk to i♥cabbages. He's the man with a plan.

    Hate proprietary formats? Don't get a Kindle. The Nook supports ePUB and PDF.

    Life is so good.

  8. Anton says:

    I think that this review is one of the BEST.
    What gets me the MOST is that by low the content I bought is mine and I have right to do what I want with it.
    And what Kindle (amazon) does is illegal. (you are not able to take you books with you)
    Based on my argument I predict that in near future:

    Some one will come up with software that will convert between all eBook formats – simply because all market is about freedom and because it is huge market for this software.

    Please let me know what are you thoughts about itA

  9. Sue Mignault says:

    Check out calibre. It converts many formats.

  10. Warren says:

    I received a NOOK for xmas.. two weeks and three NOOKs later.. I argued until I got a refund and bought the Kindle.. WHEW!!!! What a relief!! By all means if you want a device with the weakest WiFi capability in the world get the NOOK!. Also be prepared for random "freezes" which require constant re-booting and often the device simply refuses to turn on at all. BN was just to quick to put this techno-crap on the market… and it wasn't /isn't ready.. The keypad on the Kindle is bad?????? Just wait until you try to use the "virtual" microscopic keyboard on the NOOK.. truly a disaster!!.. The return lines were at the door at my BN store.. The Kindle as been just perfect. NOOK SUCKS!!!!! (So does Barnes and Noble for pushing this garbage)

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