Follow up to Netflix on my PS3

I wanted to post a quick followup to my previous post about streaming Netflix on my PS3 via a disc they send out.

It’s as shitty as I said.

My free disc arrived and I figured, you know what, I’ll try it out, maybe I’m wrong, it happens from time to time. I wasn’t.

The interface is craptastic. You load the disc like any other, it spends some time connecting, then it brings up a nice little screen with an alpha numeric code, that I have to plug into my Netflix account. Too bad my laptop was upstairs doing something so I had to commit it to memory. Lame. I know it would have been extra work on Netflix’s part, but it would have been an awesome gesture if they could have pre-registered the disc they sent to my account “Welcome John, here’s your instant Queue”

The browsing is about as simple as it could be, a linear horizontal display of movies. You have to just scroll left and right through the list. That’s it.

No bells, no whistles. Even on my connection which doesn’t suck but isn’t an OC3 or anything, the cover art took a while to load, so I was scrolling through blank images.

I suppose if you don’t have a media center machine (I’m running Boxee and it’s Netflix app is awesome, by comparison), or a laptop you can connect to your TV, then this method is better than a poke in the eye with a spoon. Otherwise, wait for the Disc in the mail, or for Whatever exclusivity Netflix gave Xbox (stupidly) to expire.

One Response to “Follow up to Netflix on my PS3”

  1. Richard says:

    Hmm, I actually joined Netflix this past week just to get the PS3 streaming. My situation might be a little different because I have no experience with Boxee or other Netflix solutions, and my laptop is in my living room so that part wasn't a big deal. But I loved using the disc. Tons of content delivered to my TV!

    Though I do agree about the slowness of the interface, clicking through one image at a time is a bit annoying.

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