– My Thoughts on V

Be warned if you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading.

I loved V as a kid, it was a great show, good message. Sure it was campy and Jane Badler was a psycho bitch of a bad guy, but it was a great show and set of Miniseries/TV Movies.

I watched the new V the other night and while I think it’s got promise, and I admit, it’s a “re-imagining” it’s got some work to do to measure up to the original.

Sure networks today, are run by retards, who give a show 1 episode to hit #1 and if it doesn’t they cancel so they can air more Dancing|singing|boxing|dieting with the stars, so I hope V get’s a chance to work out the kinks.

I’ll work thru the hour with my issues.

The Arrival. So big ass ships arrive over head. They look mean, not nearly as peaceful and goofy as the old series’ saucers. These new ships are bad ass looking. What do New Yorkers do? They clap. Uh, ok. Let’s assume this world hasn’t seen “Independence Day” oh wait, they make a reference to it, so big ass ships appear over head, and we clap? yeah.

The “Vs”. What. The. Fuck?! Is there no word we won’t just use as it is? We have to shorten to rediculousness? I mean, WTF STFU srsly? ;) Calling the Visitors “Vs” is just lame, they’re the Visitors. ¬†Sure they dress snappy in modern human outfits, but they’re still Visitors.

Dress code. Sure the old red jumpsuits were a bit corny, but uh hello. The Visitors are a military/scientific mission. What military travels around in Armani suits? The uniform identified them as 1. visitors and 2. an army. Now they’re neither. Hell in this series “Vs” could all jump out of their ships, run thru the city and immediately blend in. No crazy shades needed, no off kilter voices.

The Red “V” as a propaganda tool FOR the visitors? Uh, I seem to recall pretty clearly that in the original the red “V” was a sign of defiance. It was V for victory over the Visitors, not V for Visitors. Again, What. The. Fuck

Pacing. Sure, like I said, networks today aren’t willing to wait an entire season or even half a season to spin out a compelling story, it needs to be out there fast, and each episode needs to stand on it’s own for the retarded masses with the memory of a goldfish. but really? 1 hour covered a good 3/4 of the series.

We saw, the Visitors revealed as lizards, we saw the existence of the 5th column, we saw the creation, and full fledged existence of the resistance, we didn’t and I suspect we won’t see the vilification of scientists. All we didn’t see was the guinea pig get eaten. I guess they had to keep something for episode 2. Oh and of course the teenage sex leading to an alien baby, looks like that’s lined up for early in the season too.

Lastly I’m bummed we didn’t get more of the original cast re-imagined. Unless they’ve been so re-imagined I didn’t even recognize them that is.

By John Wilker

I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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