The Nokia Invasion will NOT be Televised

by John Wilker in Business, I am a Consumer, iPhone, Technology

Apparently Nokia thinks they need to invade the US to get people interested in their phones…

I hate to break it to them, they’ve been here a long time, no invasion needed, better phones and OS’s yes, invasion plans, no.

I’ve talked about this before, Nokia makes great stuff. My N95 was a nice device, great camera (Albeit a little slow), the 5800 Music Xpress had great potential (Stylus aside), but the OS was crap.

Simbian needs to make OS’s that are consumer friendly. The N95 had so much power in it’s OS, even I was a bit bamboozled. There was way too much going on for your normal consumer, smartphone shopper to want to deal with.

It doesn’t have to be iPhone simple, but it needs to not require a Computer Science degree to figure out how to update facebook on the facebook app, or even worse, browse the OVI store. That was a nightmare!

Oh and Nokia, ditch T9. That was lame when I was in high school and it was the only option. You’ve got touch screen phones now, why default to a T9 keyboard on screen?

The ‘Invasion’ (much like that of the Visitors) will fail.

2 Responses to “The Nokia Invasion will NOT be Televised”

  1. skabber says:

    Why are you talking bad about the Visitors? I am a Visitor peace ambassador. Why don't we site down and have a chat sometime.

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