My thoughts on TUAWs iPhone Wishlist

Make sure to check out TUAWs, What we want to see in iPhone 4.0 post. It’s an interesting read. What struck me the most was that most people want things, they have to know Apple (Steve Jobs) will never, ever do,

1. Status light. Never gonna happen. Blackberries have them, iPhones won’t. I admit I’d love to know without waking my phone up that I’ve got new emails, SMSs or voicemails. What I think Apple MIGHT do is a lock screen that’s actually useful. The Jailbreak community has done it, and it’s very nice. I can see message counts, even weather, etc. All without unlocking my phone.

2. New design casing. We’ll see this. I was really really surprised the 3GS didn’t get a new look, but suspect that was because it was rushed out the door as a “Make the iPhone usable, competitive” fix more than a truly new model. Apple loves to give new versions, a new look, it makes the fanboys feel special when they’re device is clearly different, newer.

I’d love Apple to go back to aluminum like the 2G, but suspect that ship has sailed. I think people that are crying for thinner are both dumb, and drinking too much Jobs Koolaid. Thinner is not always better. There I said it. I’m sure the legions will hate me, but whatever. When thinner comes at the cost of performance, and/or options. it’s not a win. The Macbook AIR, pretty. Pretty useless unless you’re a traveling journalist maybe. i want something I can feel in my pocket, that I know is there. That when I hold between ear and shoulder, know it’s still there.

I do think the 4G, HD, 3rd Gen, whatever Apple decides to call it, will look different.

3. Front-facing camera. Maybe, but the iPhone isn’t a paragon of battery life. Making it useful for video conferencing would 1. kill the battery even faster, and 2. further cripple AT&Ts craptastic network. video conferencing sounds awesome, and everyone seems to want it, I don’t know why? Is anyone doing it on their other phones with front facing cameras? Are we all dying to video chat while we walk? I think the demand is simply a “How cool it would be” thing, that has no real world value to anyone.

4. LED Flash. Will they? I dunno. Tough call. Again, the iPhone isn’t a marathon runner when it comes to battery life, a flash will not help that situation. Would a flash be nice? Yes. I’d love to have a camera that was even partially useful. The Autofocus is nice, and I can use my camera at all now, but a flash would be a nice add.

5. 5MP+ Camera. You know what. buy a frakkin digital camera. They’re light, they’re not that much money. It’s a phone first. I don’t want my phone to be my primary camera. When I travel I carry a real camera. My phone’s camera is for quick, “look it’s Ronald McDonald in a cow parade” pictures I’m posting to twitter. Sorry, I can’t get on board with phones as primary cameras. Get over it folks.

Let’s keep the acceptable camera, and use the space/battery/processor for better purposes please.

6. OLED Display. I guess. i honestly don’t care.

7. 64GB Storage. Maybe, I suppose, more storage is nice. I often really have to work to fill my iPhone to capacity. I don’t like to watch movies on it, when i travel because when I get off the plane I’d like to make calls. I don’t use it for music, since I have several iPods, and an older iPhone. I certainly don’t need 64gb for apps and games. I don’t even like Myst.

I am however a feind for storage. So I’d take 64gb in a heartbeat, but I wouldn’t give up something more useful for it.

8. 802.11n – Hellz yeah. but from what I understand it’s a battery issue. I’m not really in favor of anything that makes my iPhone LESS usable. Most days it’s fine, I’m near an outlet, but when I’m not, is when I NEED my phone. I’d love 802.11n, really truly I think it’d rock, and I’m guessing we’ll get it sooner or later.

9. RFID. Neat and sooner or later I think most things will have it. But I don’t see the point? POS, sure, but what good is a phone that can do POS transactions, when no registers can? Pay at the pump key fobs go away? what else? what real world, actually useful use case exists?

10. Multi-ouch casing. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Are you insane? I’m a fan of KISS, let’s not over complicate an already over complicated device. How about the un-utilized area just be screen? home button on the side? Will we be weaving runes on the back of the case as a gesture to launch apps? Let’s not go there. Please.

By John Wilker

I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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