Reminder! National Comic Sans Day is Friday 10/1

by John Wilker in community, I am a Creator, Social Media

Last year several folks updated the CSS for their blogs to participate in National Comic Sans Day. I’m hoping more will do it this year!

Why? You ask. That easy, we take ourselves too seriously. If folks directed their Anti Comic Sans energy into something productive, we’d probably have cures for Cancer and the Common Cold. And really it’s just a font. And it’s just one day.

We need to lighten up, laugh at ourselves, and take a day to have some fun at our own expense.

Do it, you know you want to! It’s simple, just create a second style sheet  of all comic sans and drop it in on Friday. Take it out Saturday morning.

Be bold!

3 Responses to “Reminder! National Comic Sans Day is Friday 10/1”

  1. I think you need to take a look at this.

  2. John Wilker says:

    LOL nice Brad!

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