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January 2011

AppleTV vs. GoogleTV… Fight!

I’d kill a kitten, maybe 2 for a device that is a goto media center device. What would that be? Well it’d have access to hulu, Netflix, my local music and video files (On a Drobo over SMB), be able to rent content from somewhere (I don’t care whether it’s iTunes, Amazon, etc since I do this maybe 2x a year) That’s it, nothing crazy really. Yet the two main(stream) players…. have’t gotten it. First, AppleTV. I totally skipped the first gen AppleTV. it wasn’t that interesting, even with the hacks. Then came the 2nd gen AppleTV. It was still VERY far from great but more promising. 1. it was iOS, meaning it’d likely get apps like hulu and Netflix, and ABC.. It still hasn’t, but I haven’t given up…

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