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February 2011

In Which i disagree with @elleinthecity, Borders closing, not the end of reading.

I love books, just ask anyone who knows me. I read a lot. I still have a wall of paper books I re-read from time to time, and I have my Kindle (and of course the various iOS Kindle apps!). Books are as a big a part of my life as anything else is. I thank my mom for bribing me to read and do book reports in exchange for new GI Joes. It makes me truly sad that we’re losing Borders, that Powell’s had to lay-off some of it’s employees, but the reality is, it’s 2011. Books in their old form are making less and less sense. Publishers of course refuse to see this truth. Neither can places like Borders who chose to ignore eBooks. Reading isn’t dying, books…

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The Mobile playground is shrinking, buh bye Nokia

it’s been an interesting few days for those who obsess over mobile stuff, myself included. First HP announced their new WebOS line up. In a word, “sexy”. In another, “too late to market” Ok that’s four words, but still. The current time frame for us to play with a TouchPad or Pre 3. “Summer” not even a hard date, just the season. Here’s why that’s a big ball of fail for a company that should have the resources to push ahead faster than most. The TouchPad will weigh 1.6lbs. The iPad weighs 1.5lbs. The iPad 2 is rumored to weigh a bit less, My guess 1lb or close to it. So the TouchPad will launch weighing MORE than the PREVIOUS MODEL iPad. If it launched now. a .1lb difference wouldn’t…

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iWatch Review Part two: The Lunatik

I’ve already reviewed the iPod Nano as a watch, this review is an addition to that. Primarily for the Lunatik, watch enclosure. Or “Multi touch watch” as they call it.I got in on this awesome kickstarter project very early, well before they even met their minimum funding level. You can get more info at the new site, and actually purchase this awesome kit. This kit pretty much takes the “iPod on a watch strap” and makes it iWatch. It’s likely the iPod will never leave this enclosure except possibly if it does and needs to be replaced. This is now a watch. Which rocks! now if Apple would just release an SDK, so folks can create awesome watch sized content I’ll be happy. Pros Much safer than being clipped to…

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