My Thoughts on Adobe Abandoning Linux

by John Wilker in Random, Technology

So what.


I’m sure there’s lot’s of linux users out there, there’s also probably a lot of Pine users and Mac PPC owners, that doesn’t mean they matter.

Linux folks are used to adversity and being an undervalued minority, so really nothing is changing for them. If they want AIR, let ’em compile their own.


Sorry folks, sometimes you have to cut bait and move on.


6 Responses to “My Thoughts on Adobe Abandoning Linux”

  1. You do realize that most large RIA dev and consulting shops use linux for their continuous integration and test servers. This is HUGE.

    • John Wilker says:

      I suspect AIR linux isn't the only option. it might be the only free Open source one, but sometimes we use things we don't like to use.

      I suspect there will be plenty of places that move from AIR to other tech, but also plenty that migrate build servers to another platform. I suspect any other server platform can be a build server, like say Mac OSX ($60)

  2. John O says:

    My client has been working for the last few years on Linux based digital signage system that leverages Java and AIR on Linux boxes. They've had to put in a lot of time to work around many of the issues with AIR (like building their own stagevideo – which works better), not to mention their desktop dev environments & build servers. This change from Adobe will cost a pretty penny for my client. They've tried to get into the Open Screen project but its not easy to get into, nor is it free. Their hope now is that some OSP partner steps up or they will either switch technologies or servers and have to re-engineer parts.

  3. Sean Thayne says:

    The problem with Adobe is they just keep wasting there time and giving false hope to the Linux community.

    Flex Builder 2 Beta for Linux…. Penguin.swf…. Flash Player 9…. and now Air for Linux.

    They just keep using a switch and bait approach to get developers… It's some serious B.S. When comanies are shelling out thousands of dollars for Adobe dev tools and are paying that price for Linux support…

  4. fxgeorges says:

    You can still download the .deb for AIR here (for now anyway). I'd recommend grabbing it while it's still available and making a backup of it somewhere so you'll have it if Adobe ever takes it off their site. Of course, that will only hold you over until AIR evolves past what it is currently and the various AIR applications evolve to include any new features added…

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