If Your Customer Wants to Pay You. Figure out a Way to Take Their Money

This will be a short one as it just popped in to my head as I emailed my friend Tim. He sent me a reading list for some Green Lantern comics because i mentioned I was reading some. The Comic reader i use on my Kindle Fire (awesome comic reader, BTW) posts to Facebook when I finish an issue.

I replied that i was mainly reading series and Trade Paper Backs because those are what are easiest to get, because I torrent them. Yup I said it. I torrent comic books. I’d pay for them, I absolutely would. But neither Marvel or DC can wrap their collective brains around digital comics. Sure they have the PC?Mac desktop reader, and an annual subscription to that isn’t really too expensive. All you can read for $50 or so. (Tom tried to get it for me as a gift one year) Problem is it’s desktop only. No tablet reading. When i’m in the mood to sit and read a comic, it’s not when I’m at my desk, and it’s not when I’m at my machine. When I’m on my laptop I’m reading email, checking twitter, etc.

I’ve tried the various the comic apps that each company has released, they’re ok, but a digital comic, much like an eBook shouldn’t be the same price as it’s paper version. Unless of course I can do what I want with the file afterward. If I’m leasing a file, I want to pay a lease price. Marvel, and DC, just look at car companies. Lease payments aren’t the same as car payments.

So the my point is simple and I come across it in events and coworking too. If someone wants to give you money, figure out how to take it. Don’t tell them they’re wrong, and need to give you money only in the way you expect it. Only in the way you took money 20 years ago. If you can offer what they want, and make money in the doing, take their money. It’s Win win. They get what they want, they get to pay for it (which almost all of us want to do as consumers) and you make money, and your product is seen.

HBO, CBS, Marvel, DC, etc. All companies who feel you should be the consumer they want, not the consumer they have. Wake up CEOs and Boards. It’s 2012 and you’re still operating like it’s the mid 90’s

Oh and how this all ties back to my business. I get emails all the time from people who don’t want to pay the regular price of the conferences for whatever reason. Rather than send them away, I figure out how we can both win. I want their money, I want them at the conference, and they want to be there. There’s a win in there if you look for it.

My .02 as a business owner and a consumer

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  1. polyGeek says:

    You nailed it. My philosophy to digital companies/assets is “Give me what I want, when I want it, where I want it at a price that I think is appropriate. Or, I’ll take it from you for free.”

    Last year I wanted to reread the DUNE series – only the first 4 books. I went to Amazon and found DUNE for Kindle but it was some amazingly stupid price for the 50th anniversary edition – which was all that was offered. So, I downloaded the books as PDF and then downloaded some freeware to convert PDF to Kindle. Did a little massaging of the text in NoteTab ( RegEx to the rescue ) and had the books nicely formatted and ready to read for the low, LOW price of absolutely nothing. All told it took me less than an hour to download, convert and start reading the books. Worth it.

    But I wasn’t done. I found the publishing company and send them an email and told them exactly what I did and how I did it and most importantly why I did it. I told them that I would have been more than happy to give them $4-5 per book. So they could have made $20 bucks from me. Instead they asked for $50 total for the books and so they got zero.

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