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June 2012

On Being Barefoot

Ok not exactly barefoot, but as close as I’m likely to get. For a few months I’ve been more conscious of wearing my thinner soled shoes. I’ve got lots of friends running around in those creepy 5-fingers, espousing the joys of being “barefoot” and why I should read born to run. I don’t run. That’s not to say I’d run like crazy if a bear was behind me, but it is to say, he’d probably catch me. That said though, I can’t argue with the assertions about our feet being all out of whack because of thick soled Nikes. It really hit home when Nicole’s feet started to hurt from Plantar Fasciitis. Anyhow. I’m not wearing 5-Fingers. I hate toes, they creep me out, they’re usually not pretty, i don’t…

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