July 2012

My Problem with Kickstarter

To be clear I think it’s awesome and rarely a day goes by I don’t think one of two things. 1. What could I put up on Kickstarter? 2. Why didn’t I think of Kickstarter!? Anyhow, yeah I love it, if nothing else it shows just how much disposable income the US is sitting on :) But I also worry and get annoyed by the projects that I back. I’ve now backed 5 projects. 1. Lunatik iPod nano frame (don’t wear it any more, but loved it. I think it delivered mostly on time) 2. Lunatik touch stylus (just received it 2 weeks ago. love it. It too was pretty close to when I was expecting it. The only delay I remember was when a selected material didn’t look good…

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My First Barcamp

So I’ve been making noise on the 360|Stack twitter account and wanted to mention here too. Since Adobe canceled MAX this year I’m trying a barcamp called 360|MIN. We normally do an unconference inside Adobe MAX called 360|MAX, this is a play on that concept. Unlike 360|MAX which can’t be a true unconference/barcamp, 360|MIN can be just that. Folks will gather pitch topics they want to present and the audience will vote. Those in attendance will create the conference they want. To make sure we’ve got the tone and vibe right I’ve got a few folks lined up as basically anchor speakers. Check out the details and the line up here. If you’re in the web stack space, this is how you should spend your October! Oh yeah and it’s…

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Why I moved to Mail.app

I’ve been reading the news and opinions about Sparrow’s acquisition (good for them!) It’s funny how these cycles go, and it’s almost always the same. First is the news of the acquisition and almost always death of the much loved product. Then there’s the “OMFG I Hate them, they sold out” Then there’s the “You entitled pricks are pricks and aren’t owed shit” Then there’s the  “We aren’t owed things, but there is a sort of unspoken contract” I think all three are valid. Some folks just felt mad they paid money (whether the amount is significant or not is in the eye of the spender) for abandon-ware. Some  like to take the enlightened I’m-smarter-than-you approach and some like the look at things objectively. Each has it’s merits. This is…

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Screw OEMs

So yeah Microsoft is finally jumping into the tablet market. I mean technically they tried with the courier but they killed it before it ever went to production… Good move? who knows. Anyhow, they’re back in again and doing it right. Oh yeah, Google is too, and they’re doing it right as well. Right? Yeah they’ve finally taken a look at what’s working for Apple and followed suit. Sure there’s a lot that works for Apple, but a big one is controlling the hardware. MS has long let others build the hardware their software would run on. This post on Pando Daily does a great job explaining why that’s a terrible idea. It’s funny, a friend had to return his netbook because the trackpad never worked right with windows. Go…

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