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August 2012

Stop comparing everything to an iPad

I get it, we all love our iPads, i love mine. I’ve tried Blackberries, droids and such, and am back with an iPad. But, that doesn’t mean every consumer device with a screen should be compared to one! I was at a Nintendo event last week, for a sneak preview of their new WiiU. (Pronounced, I think. We you). The big new feature of the WiiU is the game pad controller dealy. Which has a large screen (Which seems to be enough to warrant a comparison to the iPad). During the event I asked a lot of questions of the demo wranglers, to make sure I knew exactly what the WiiU was, and how it was gonna fit into my life. Doing so made it clear, that much like the…

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to tweet or to That’s the question

so yeah has almost 12,00o people on board, all of which at a minimum paid $50/year. some paid more though for API access etc. That’s awesome congrats to them! Much like I want Samsung or someone to make a tablet that competes with the iPad, I’m glad someone is tryin to steal Twitter’s lunch money. I hope they succeed. Twitter is a classic example of a company sitting around, killing it’s most loyal fan base to appeal to advertisers while doing nothing of value for users. Promoted tweets, trades $ for my attention, which isn’t cool because it’s my attention to sell, not twitters’. Twitter has done nothing to tackle spam, one of the things that is appealling about is it’s likely to be spam free, or at…

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Snobbish goes both ways @vcarrolldp

This Sunday while sipping my coffee and reading the Sunday paper (We get one print paper a week, the Sunday) i came across an opinion piece by Vincent Carroll titled “Too Good for Walmart”. Read it here¬†(assuming the Denver Post website doesn’t screw up the link). I loved how from the beginning Carroll takes the stance of being better than the snobby people who are anti Walmart, because he’s being more open minded. Of course he’s objective though, he makes sure to point out his neighborhood is getting a Target, which we all know is the same as a Walmart, so surely his point of view is completely valid. I don’t know anything about Carroll but his rant against people who don’t want a Walmart seems to be based from…

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