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December 2012

Funny, That’s no how I see Kickstarter

Saw this yesterday, and while I agree on some level, Kickstarter isn’t Wal-Mart. I 100% disagree, with this reasoning “Strickler thinks that paying too much attention to deadlines draws focus away from where it belongs: on the “journey” to launching a new creation. “When we go see a movie, we don’t think about how long the post-production took,” he says. “We don’t look at the Sistine Chapel and think, ‘This took four years,’ or however long it took.” “ The reason that comparison doesn’t work for me, is that when I’m watching a movie, i didn’t buy the ticket when it was a script. If kickstarter would like to not take my money until the creators deliver, that’s ok. I’ll wait another year for the (still no ETA) Present I backed…

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Life with Nest

So My friend Tom gave me a Nest. Which is good because no matter how much I tried, Nicole wasn’t that keen on the idea… actually the expense. A Nest ain’t cheap. I definitely think it’s one of those products that once installed and in use for 6 months to a year pays for itself or at least shows the potential to, but until then it’s an expensive thermostat. Installation was pretty easy, though I did end up having to give in and call Nest support (which was awesome!) because my homebuilder was a moron. For whatever reason there was an entire extra wire bundle connected to the old thermostat. Nest support was great, I’d email them a pic and he’d immediately know what to do. Once he and I…

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