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March 2013

The One Downside of the Hardware Kindle

Ok let’s get a few things out of the way first, since these posts always illicit “I read on my iPad just fine, neener neener.” Reading on a backlight bugs my eyes. Reading on my iPad is one distraction after another. Bam new push about a tweet. Bam new article just downloaded. Bam another tweet. Now a message from a friend, why what did so and so post recently? etc. etc. Kindles are light. I read on the elliptical and hold it when i read. You spend an hour on a machine holding your iPad up and tell me how your arms feel. Ok now to my point. I recently decided to hijack my wife’s Kindle Touch. She wasn’t using it. I’ve long had and loved what’s now called the…

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The Present is finally here

So… It arrived. It took a while, but it’s here. And whether it was worth the wait or not, it’s here now, and it’s as awesome as I had hoped. Unboxing was quite nice, you can see that the packaging is nice and minimal. The clock is wrapped in nice tissue paper and bubble wrap. Once you get the clock out and drop a battery in it, it spends about 2 minutes calibrating and setting time, which is quite bad ass I have to say. Once set, it’s good to go. Put the clock on a wall and watch it go. The reason I backed The Present in the first place, was to see a visual representation of a year. I’m definitely one of those people that finds themselves thinking…

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