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October 2013


We did! I really do mean ‘we’. I couldn’t have gotten the votes with out everyone’s support. It means a lot to me! To Nicole and to the company! The process isn’t super clear, but we’re now officially in the running. Step one, get 250 votes. By The Way, you can still vote, i don’t honestly know what it means to get more than 250, but safe to assume it reflects well on us, so by all means if you haven’t voted, or haven’t shared, I wouldn’t be mad if you did. Step 2 starts mid November. The “panel Deliberation” phase. Not sure they contact those in the running or just review the applications and decide. That step lasts until January, then they announce the 12 winners.   Thank you…

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I hate asking for things, but

I need your help. Chase has a community grant program and to be in the running, you need to get 250 votes. I’m almost there, Just 60 more votes needed. Once I get the votes, I’m at least in the running to get a grant from Chase for 360|Conferences. Why do I want it? Well I want to grow my company. I want to do more events, explore more communities that would benefit from a dev conference focused on them, vs. selling a roadmap, or worse a product or service. I want to be able to buy gear that will let me do my events in more places and not spend a ton of money on costly AV rental. I want to be able to give to more causes I…

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Do you need to organize a Hackathon?

Some companies can rock their own hackathons! Developer evangelists do a good job with hackathons, but not all companies have developer evangelists, and not all developer evangelists can or want to organize events. That’s where I’d like to come in. I love organizing events, turns out I’m not half bad at it either. Have you been thinking about introducing your API or platform to developers and designers? Maybe you’ve got new things to show your existing communities, hackathons are great ways to galvanize community around what you offer. Generate awesome new ideas or companies (Startup weekend style) as well as find awesome new talent.   So there it is, you’re looking to do a hackathon and need some help actually doing it,¬†Ping me. I’d love to talk to you about…

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