My Hobby Isn’t Worth a Single Life.

by John Wilker in Denver, Random

I was at the gym the other night and this notion popped into my head. I was on a cardio machine and the numerous TVs around the space were covering the recent shooting at a high school in CO. It was incredibly sad to watch, whether it was teens rallying around a wounded classmate, or the sad statement from the devastated parents of the shooter. How do you reconcile the grief of loosing your child, against the evil he committed against others? I can’t even begin to imagine their pain.

This was the thought as it popped into my head. I captured it on my iphone so I wouldn’t lose it.

“If someone said kindles were directly responsible for thousands of deaths a year. I’d smash it on the ground and go back to reading paper books. I wouldn’t shift blame.  I wouldn’t posture about how it was the authors that were responsible or the readers. I wouldn’t propose half measures like making kindles softer or capable of loading fewer books. I’d smash it and never look back and be thankful so many lives were spared.”

I know that’s an over simplification but in many ways it’s not. I know a lot of ‘gun collectors’ who rarely if ever hunt. Not that i think hunting is an acceptable use either, but I can respect it as an activity. And frankly collecting guns is the same as collecting anything and in my case, it’s books. My hobby isn’t worth a single life.
I know guns is a hot button topic, and honestly I’m not interested in debating it, because I’ve come to terms with the fact that there’s no negotiating on this matter. This is my opinion, everyone is welcome to theirs. By all means leave a comment, but if the discussion turns nasty, I’ll shut it down. I just wanted to share an insight I had.

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  1. Paul Merrill says:

    Thanks John, for speaking out. I completely agree with you.

    I had a few ideas that could help, but they would never fly in this society where the NRA has such a strangle-hold. Here:

  2. propstm says:

    I understand the point, but lets look at motor vehicles. There are literally thousands of deaths per year because of them (

    There are folks who are intentionally injured by people behind the wheel but there is little/no backlash at drivers of vehicles. (

    Given your statement on kindles, would you, now knowing the car stat, stop driving?

    A gun is a tool, knives are tools, cars are tools. People can use them for reasonable or unreasonable purposes. Guns for some reason get people really worked up. Would you have made this post if the child of a car collector stole a vehicle and used the vehicle for something destructive?

    Every time an event like that occurs people fixate on the tool(s) used, not the ‘whys’ or ‘hows’ that led up to the event. I think as people we could do more good looking at what triggered the event and if/how it could be prevented — and not just what tools were used.

    • John Wilker says:

      Matt you’re just deflecting one issue around another. I’m not interested in fixing everything that can kill people. I like staplers, nail guns, cars, and hippos. “Guns are tools” for what? killing. Hammers and knives are tools for pounding nails, and cutting things. Guns do exactly what they’re designed for. Kill. They have no other use. If you say hunting I’ll call bullshit.

      Like I said, we can discuss but I’m not interested in trying to convince anyone.

      The last point I’ll make, is that while you’re entitled to your opinion, I can’t agree in the slightest. “and not just what tools were used.” I bet the kids at Sandy hook would have had a better chance if the gunman had a knife, or twelve knives.

      In fact the same day there was an attack on a chinese school, by a knife wielding man, 26 people didn’t die.

  3. Smashing your kindle in an effort to stop killers targeting defenseless students in “Gun Free” schools makes about as much sense as gun control.

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