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September 2014

Denver Startup Week 2014 Review (Part 2)

This year i had the pleasure to be in charge of our headline events for the week (basically the 6-9 slot each day), and it went pretty well. Last year three of us manned the top spot, and it was kinda chaotic, and stressful. In the end it all worked out, but was exhausting. This year i decided to be more relaxed. Matt and Kerianne were on the team and between us we divided the headline events and empowered each organizer to make their event rock, and scream when they needed us. It mostly worked. So what fell under my ownership? The opening night Party (Elyse and Maggie executed it). It was awesome. Nearly a thousand people in the Union Station main hall, DJs, interactive street arcade games on the ceiling…

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I’m Helping Organize RWDevCon!

So for a while now I’ve toyed with the idea of doing some event consulting. I’m good at what I do (at least I like to think so) and so I’ve thought it’d be fun to do it for others. I’m officially working with Ray Wenderlich on RWDevCon (get your tickets now!), set for early 2015. I’m really excited. Ray is an awesome guy (and his wife Vickie rocks!) and they’re huge parts of the iOS community. When he approached me with the idea of doing a small event centered around his website and it’s amazing authors, i jumped at the chance. It fits with what i love doing, events that are focused on community, not just doing an event to do an event. Part of my 2015 plan is to get…

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Denver Startup Week 2014 review (Part 1)

What a ride. Timing wise, this year was great, 360|iDev was behind me, [360|iDev min] (still time to buy your ticket!) was in front, and DSW fell in the middle. I was able to enjoy the week a lot more than i did last year. I spent most of the week at the “Basecamp by Chase” (I think we have to call it that, LOL) and it was great; good internet, meals, and plenty of coffee (and beer in the afternoons). It was a great central place for me to work from for both 360|Conferences stuff as well as my DSW duties. Basecamp was always a hub of activity, not only was there a lot of awesome programming taking place, but people were having meetings, folks were bumping into each other,…

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The Library

This is how my library is looking. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce at risus at lacus laoreet mollis sed id elit. Integer bibendum lobortis velit, eleifend commodo dui facilisis nec. Aliquam mi sapien, ultrices a ultrices non, sodales ut diam. Fusce semper risus eu magna placerat pulvinar. Nullam ac odio non ligula semper auctor. Fusce semper risus eu magna placerat pulvinar. “Keep reading books, but remember that a book is only a book, and you should learn to think for yourself.” Nullam ac odio non ligula semper auctor. Fusce semper risus eu magna placerat pulvinar. Nullam ac odio non ligula semper auctor. Aenean at dui dui, non scelerisque nisi. Morbi ullamcorper dapibus nisl, ullamcorper fringilla eros pulvinar et. Nulla rhoncus elementum rhoncus. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique…

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