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November 2014

So, I went to Hong Kong

tl; dr; Had a great time, I’d go back. Their mass transit is amazing. Long but I hope a good/interesting read. I went for two reasons, Tom had asked me to go with him (he was attending a conference), and I figured I’d see if Hong Kong had an iOS community and would make for a good 360|iDev city. Sadly Hong Kong, won’t be a 360|iDev city. In talking with a few developers I learned 2 things; 1. there aren’t a ton of developers, let a lone iOS developers. 2. Developer is looked at like “Oh you couldn’t be a doctor or a banker” Tom and I went to a pre hackathon intro to iOS Meetup, he helped, i hung around. The turn out was good, lots of newbies, lots of…

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Good Conference Wifi

A friend of mine in the industry posted this this other day. On reading it I was a bit insulted. Nothing is ever cut and dry and conference tech certainly isn’t. At 360|iDev this year the wireless was I’ll admit, craptastic. I had outsourced the wifi because the hotel wanted nearly $20,000 for what they called the mid level (Non streaming, non VPN or something like that level). Thats not including the rest of the AV quote. Eric says there’s two factors in good conference wifi; the desire to deliver a great experience (which I’d also argue in the scope of things wifi is not a major part of that), and the desire to spend the money to make it happen. There’s a third factor, budget. 360|iDev is about $300-500 less…

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Dear @HBO I want to give you money. You too NBC and CBS, even you Fox

Was going through my Drafts, and found this, started in May 2011.  Figured I’d post it now, given that both HBO and CBS have woken up to the vast amounts of money they were leaving on the table, by ignoring cord cutters. I find it hilarious, that about the time I started this Draft, the President of CBS, was convinced Cord Cutting was a fad, and that no they’d never offer their content online. How times change. — Original Post — I’ve been thinking on this topic for a while now. I love TV. I’m not sitting around watching Real Housewives of Atlanta or anything, but I enjoy good TV. This came up because HBO has started airing Game Of Thrones. Based on the awesome, and hugely well written serious…

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Where’s the iPad fit in?

I saw this post, and it really echo’d thoughts and conversations I’ve had lately about the iPad. There’s been a lot of “You shouldn’t upgrade”, “You need to upgrade” articles about the iPad Air 2. I’ll say this, moving from an iPad 3, to a Air 2… WOW. Money well spent. Will I move to an Air 3? No. 4? probably not. 5 or whatever is next? Likely. But that’s the cycle the iPad fits in for me. I’ve talked to a few folks (friends) that almost never touch their iPads. Their iPhone 6/6+ or Macbook Air do the trick. Each is light, sufficiently large to do things, sufficiently small to not be a burden. I use my iPad several times a day. Whether it’s catching up on interesting things…

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