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December 2014

2014 in review.

I know, everyone does one, blah blah. This is mine. Read it or don’t :) But I think¬†2014 was a pretty big year personally and professionally. It saw me recover from a massive blunder in 2013 to the tune of about $80k. It saw me cancel my first event, and sign on to do event consulting on an event I’m excited about. It also saw lots of travel, and bonding with friends near and far. Things that happened in 2014: Once again helped organize Denver Startup Week Helped organize and run GoCode CO 2014 Cancelled 360|intersect 2014 Recovered from 360|Stack 2013 Held what’s likely the last 360|Flex Helped organize AltConf 2014 Brought 360|iDev back to downtown Denver. Sold out a month in advance Held a successful and the first of…

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One more Stylus review

So I’ve done a few of these. Right now (and this one may be the one) I’m in love with the Dotpen stylus. It’s really nice! The thing that drew me to it initially was the tip. I can’t stand those big nubbin stylii that have a nub that obscures what I’m doing. My other stylus has a fine point as well, and the Dotpen has a finer point! On top of the fine point, I liked that the point was protected by a cap, like a pen, and that there was a shirt clip. Not that I’ll be clipping it to a pocket, but in my bag it’s easier if the stylus is clipped in. The cap is a nice feature as I tend to obsess about the fragility…

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The Dark side of 2FA

Ok maybe Down side, is better than dark side. But there’s a suck for sure. I’m a big proponent of 2 factor Authentication (2FA). While not the most convenient, with cyber attacks happening more and more frequently I’ll take the inconvenience over having to fight to get my bank account back, etc. A few weeks ago I got a new iPhone. Like many it was iPhone 6-mas, and my time had come. I picked up my phone, restored from an iCloud backup and went on with my life. Until I tried to login to my blogs (work and personal). WordPress uses google authenticator, which is nice, because many sites can use it, so you don’t need some type of app for each one (except who uses another app, more…

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