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March 2016

My thoughts on Apple CarPlay, part one

So for part one, I wanted to just cover some initial impressions. So CarPlay as it’s own thing is fine, but since Apple has no control over the head unit manufacturers (I actually think an “Apple Car” is more likely to be an Apple head unit) there’s a load of crap that makes everything janky. Pioneer, being just like every other OEM, has their own thing, AppRadio. I’ve no idea what AppRadio is, because it doesn’t seem to work. Despite it’s taking up a valuable icon space on the first screen of the CarPlay home screen, every time i tap it, it crashes the CarPlay interface. Why Pioneer made their own thing, I can’t guess. Why it can’t be deleted or removed, I can totally guess. Why it seems like…

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Because your Multi Tool Should Travel in Style

I saw this etsy seller on the Tools and Toys blog (which i love), they made a Leatherman holster, so i figured I’d reach out and see if they could do one for a Power Assist Multi Tool, or if their existing one would fit. A couple messages later and BOOM, they’ve created a custom holster for me, and got it on the site ready for me to order. I’m in love with it. Single piece of leather, a nice snap to hold it closed and a instead of a plastic clip, your belt goes through a solid loop on the back. I also like that over time the leather will take on it’s own character; scuffs and scratches etc. Making it uniquely mine. It’s a nice snug fit, just tight enough that my multi…

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