October 2017

WIP Thursday – Farsight corporation

In ‘Space Rogues 2: ‘Electric Boogaloo (It’s a working title)’ I wanted to explore a little bit more about Gabe, so I through in this exchange. Befitting of the theme of these posts, it’s a “work-in-progress.” I like what I’ve got, but it needs to be fleshed out a bit more, either in this scene or as we progress through the book. I feel like Gabe doesn’t get much attention, and want to fix that. Enjoy! -=-=-=-=-=-=- After a rather lengthy and at times stomach-turning explanation of Brailack culture and physiology, the crew grows silent again. Wil breaks the silence, “So who is this and what’s the job?” Zephyr takes a breath, “Her name is Prathea. She’s a chief scientist for one of the big multi-system corporations. Farsight Corp. she…

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WIP Thursday

Trying a new thing! Since I’m hard at work on ‘Space Rogues 2: John needs to think of a subtitle soon’ (It’s a working title) I figured I’d tease out parts I like. So Thursdays .. Wednesdays, I’m not sure. Will be “WIP insert day name here” Anything shared here is rough/first draft at best but enjoy. I hope these little snippets are as fun for you to read as they are for me to write. -=-=-=-=-=-=- “Wait! Wait!” Wil shouts at the three pirates all leveling blaster rifles at him. They pause, looking at each and back at Wil, then each takes a blaster shot to the head, dropping to the ground. He nods, and heads down the corridor, “Thanks, you two!” “Ghost base, can you pinpoint their command center?”…

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It’s Hard to Tell Who’s Side Amazon is on

Ok, it actually isn’t, at all. They’re on their side and much like Apple, the rest of us are just being pulled along in the wake, and if we’re successful, great, but if not, ain’t no losing any sleep from Apple or Amazon. This is basically episode 3.. or 5 or whatever, of “Wilker Learns to be an indie Writer” So you have a book to publish, yay! You hop over to Amazon because you know you can self-publish there in both paper and ebook formats. You go through all the steps and get your books set up. You see the KDP select option, which puts your book in the Kindle Unlimited program, which is awesome, folks can read your book for free! You get paid a few fractions of…

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Writing wherever you are

I’ve had some form of writing app installed on my mac or iPad pretty much forever (which isn’t as long for the iPad of course). Whether that was Word, Scrivener, Ulysses, copywrite, Storyist, Pages, or any other app that someone released to ‘revolutionize writing.’ Back when I was first working at Spire Digital I had an old white MacBook that I used for an online writing class I was taking, and worked on various short stories. I’ve Always had an eye out for the latest and greatest but also the most useful. Finding something that fits isn’t easy. For me, the big things are these; ease of use, portability, reliability. Easy of Use It’s all too common for app developers to start throwing feature after feature into an app. “Hey…

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