WIP Thursday – Farsight corporation

In ‘Space Rogues 2: ‘Electric Boogaloo (It’s a working title)’ I wanted to explore a little bit more about Gabe, so I through in this exchange. Befitting of the theme of these posts, it’s a “work-in-progress.” I like what I’ve got, but it needs to be fleshed out a bit more, either in this scene or as we progress through the book. I feel like Gabe doesn’t get much attention, and want to fix that.



After a rather lengthy and at times stomach-turning explanation of Brailack culture and physiology, the crew grows silent again. Wil breaks the silence, “So who is this and what’s the job?”

Zephyr takes a breath, “Her name is Prathea. She’s a chief scientist for one of the big multi-system corporations. Farsight Corp. she said.”

Gabe raises his hand, “Farsight corporation is not just ‘one of the big multi-system corporations’. “ Somewhere along the way he seems to have picked up the rabbit ears gesture of air quotes, “They are in fact the second largest corporation in the entire region. Among other things, they are one of the largest research and development firms in the Galactic Commonwealth. Holding several high-level contracts with the GC and Peacekeepers.”

Maxim leans forward, “I’ve heard of them. They supply the Peacekeepers with advanced weapons.”

Gabe nods, “Weapons research is also one of their larger verticals.”

Wil looks at his mechanical friend, “How do you know so much about this company, Farsight Corp?”

Gabe tilts his head, “I was built by Farsight. Another of their key verticals is service droids, primarily engineering and scientific models.”

Bennie leans over, “So they’re like your Gods or something?”

Gabe’s head swivels to look down at the leering hacker. “I am not religious.”


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By John Wilker

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