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Trying a new thing!

Since I’m hard at work on ‘Space Rogues 2: John needs to think of a subtitle soon’ (It’s a working title) I figured I’d tease out parts I like. So Thursdays .. Wednesdays, I’m not sure. Will be “WIP insert day name here”

Anything shared here is rough/first draft at best but enjoy. I hope these little snippets are as fun for you to read as they are for me to write.


“Wait! Wait!” Wil shouts at the three pirates all leveling blaster rifles at him. They pause, looking at each and back at Wil, then each takes a blaster shot to the head, dropping to the ground. He nods, and heads down the corridor, “Thanks, you two!”

“Ghost base, can you pinpoint their command center?”

Bennie replies, “They activated scramblers the moment they realized you were there, but our last passive scan showed what looks like the command center, based on power consumption, is five levels above you.”

“Wil, you head up to the command center, we’ll clear these levels,” Zephyr says, Wil only knows where she is because her suit computer is talking to his and relaying her position to his HUD as a faint green outline.

Wil turns and runs down the corridor, following Bennie’s instructions to the nearest lift.

Zephyr turns to Maxim, “ready to do this?”

“I’d follow you anywhere.”


They head off down the corridor in the opposite direction Wil had gone.

Wil turns a corner and sees the lift, guarded by two pirates. He steps around the corner and walks right up to the two guards, “What’re you two doing here?” He asks.

The two pirates look at each other, then the taller turns to Wil, “Who the wurrin are you? I’ve never seen you before?” His rifle lowers to aim right at Wil, the other guard follows his lead.

Wil raises both hands, “Hey hey! What’re you talking about? I sat with you at lunch, what? Last week? What the wurrin dude! We talked about the Breakfast Club!” The taller guard glances at the other one, then back to Wil. Wil smiles, then glances at the other guard.

The taller guard glances back to the shorter, “What ‘breakfast club’? I don’t even eat breakfast.”

Wil drops both hands and fires plasma blasts from blasters built into each palm of his armor. The glowing plasma emitters steam slightly as they cool down after firing.

Wil walks up and pushes the button next to the lift, “Eat your heart out Tony Stark.”

The lift doors open, “I’ve still got a little control,” Bennie reports, “No primary systems, but plenty of secondaries.”

Wil steps into the lift. As the doors close he tells Bennie, “Kill the lights.”

“On it.” The lights in the lift die, and so does it’s upward motion.

“Just the lights, you dummy!” Wil says from his now motionless lift, “I’m stuck in here.”

“Shit, sorry. Hold on.”

“Not going anywhere, take your time.”  A minute later the lift gets moving again, “Thanks, Bennie.”

The doors open onto a large receiving area with a massive blast door opposite the lift. Between Wil and the door to the command center are several pirates.

“You guys!” He pants and drops his hands to his knees. “They’re a level below! I barely got on the lift before the over-ran us.”

One of the pirates, who actually has a peg-leg, comes forward. “You don’t look like you just fought.”

“How many are there?” A different pirate shouts from the other side of the large room.

Peg-leg raises his rifle, aiming at Wil, “Shut up Merkle! He could be one of them! I don’t recognize him.”

Wil looks around the room, “Well I don’t recognize…” He thrusts his finger at a random pirate, “this guy!”

“I’m female you krebnack!”




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I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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