WIP Thursday – NaNoWriMo has begun!

So, NaNoWriMo has begun!

Last year, I wrote ‘Space Rogues‘ and since ‘Space Rogues 2: The Wrath of Khan… er.. Zarrix (It’s a working title)’ is well underway (about 20k words in) I decided to do something I’ve never done. Short stories, novellas, not sure which yet. I guess it’ll depend on when I finish them.

My plan for NaNoWriMo is was to write two such stories. They’ll be set in the Space Rogues Universe and will be set between the first and second books. Each will be a self-contained story and designed to be small vignettes into the lives of the crew.


I’m close to wrapping up ‘Merry Garthflak, Wil’ but with work stuff, trying to buy and sell houses, plan a move, etc writing time has been more scarce this November, compared to last. My goal is to get it finished and edited so I can release it for free in December. Fingers crossed.

At any rate, enjoy a bit from ‘Merry Garthflak, Wil’


Gabe shifts his gaze from Wil to Zephyr and back again, his optical receptors unblinking, “While I am familiar with the holiday, I would like to hear your personal version.”

Zephyr nods, “Of course.” She takes a sip of her grum and looks at Wil, “Garthflak is at its core, a Tarsi holiday.”

Wil holds up his hand, “Wait, what? The Tarsi? The guys that started the GC?”

Zephyr tuts, “The same, also if you’re going to keep interrupting, I can just stop right now.”

Wil sighs, “Fine. Go on.” He takes a sip of grum.

“The Tarsi have celebrated Garthflak since, well forever. When they unified this part of the galaxy under the Galactic Commonwealth they spread Garthflak as a way to help the various peoples of their new government come together. The original holiday was a celebration of thanks to the Tarsi god Grrgle.”

Wil can’t resist, “I’m sorry. What’s their god called?”

Zephyr sighs, “For one thing, they have more than one, they have thirty or forty. This one is called Grrgle. I can’t recall what it’s the god of…”

Gabe interjects, “Prosperity.”

Zephyr nods in the bots direction, “That, yeah. Prosperity. Anyway…”

The waitress arrives and begins putting out everyone’s meals. She hands Wil his plate last, winking, “And for you.”

He blushes, “Oh. Well, thank you. “ He winks back. Bennie groans not at all subtlety.

As she leaves, Wil gestures toward the waitress as she vanishes into the back of the restaurant, “Great choice, Bennie!”

Zephyr takes a few qorrum fries off Maxim’s plate, “Can I continue?”

Bennie has a mouthful of salad but still answers, “Go for it.”

Zephyr takes a bite of her jerlack steak and washes it down with grum, “Ok. So Garthflak and Grrgle. “ She stops long enough to silence the table of giggling with a single glare. “Anyway, jumping ahead. The Tarsi needed something to bind the people of the GC and a holiday was what they settled on. “

She takes another bite of jerlack steak, “Since they weren’t going to impose their religion on others, they manufactured a sanitized version of Garthflak. Since it’s a holiday giving thanks for prosperity, they simply removed Grrgle from the picture and mass marketed the thing. Different races celebrate it slightly differently. “

Maxim nods and interjects, “Our people, being one of the first to join the GC and have a particularly close relationship to the Tarsi, follow the more traditional week-long celebration.” He pauses as he takes a bite of his jerlack steak, then points to his plate, “This is quite good!”

Bennie decides to interject as well, “My people are a little to easily distracted for a week-long thing. Most Brailack just celebrate Garthlak feasts”

Wil coughs, “Feasts? As in plural?”

Bennie tuts, “Sure. The main event is Garthflak day, but if you’ve already got all your friends and family together the why not squeeze in one or three more meals?”

Wil shrugs, “I can’t find fault with that logic. Who doesn’t love a feast?”



Remember you can buy ‘Space Rogues‘ at Amazon, and read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

By John Wilker

I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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