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December 2017

The Importance of Net Neutrality

  While we all know how valuable and important the internet is, those of us born in the late seventies, early eighties. I feel have a special appreciation for it. Why? Because growing up, one year we were in a library photocopying encyclopedias, and the next we were accessing the first websites, finding information online. One summer we were sending postcards and letters to friends back home during summer vacation, the next we were emailing. Etc. We literally watched the internet be born, watched it change how we live our lives. No one in Congress is this generation (that I know of). Not that it’d matter, I’m sure they’d still sell it out for a fat Comcast Check. Certainly, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is cashing his Comcast check(s) Why is…

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Trying New Things Can Hurt Sometimes

So, around Thanksgiving ‘Space Rogues‘ was ending it’s 90 day run on KDP Select. I was hemming and hawing whether I should just re-up or take a break. As it happened there was a giveaway set up for Sci-Fi books that started 2 days after my KDP enrollment ended. Since I’m still hovering below 10 reviews (Have you read ‘Space Rogues’ and not left a review?) I decided to join the giveaway. Why not?   Famous last words, right? It’s hard to draw any actual conclusions, from this stuff, but here are some numbers. Giveaway wise, I feel like it was a success. 371 total downloads seems good. Hopefully, 5-10% of them will leave a review, which is all I can hope for since my bookfunnel account doesn’t capture…

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