Work In Progress Thursday: That’s a Big Door

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting WIP Thursday posts. Sorry. Anyhow, here’s something From around the middle of ‘Space Rogues 2: I Really Gotta Figure out This Subtitle Thing’ (It’s a working title).


Maxim edges around a corner, two levels down from where Team One and Two split up, “Clear.”

Prathea comes around the corner, “What’s that?”

Jor’Lu follows and gazes down the corridor, “A ramp.”

The squat Palorian looks up at her colleague and sighs, “Why is there a ramp and not a lift?”

Maxim peers down the corridor and the ramp to the level below. He shrugs, “Ramps are easier for mobility. Things without legs and such can work with a ramp quite quickly.”

Gabe walks around the corner, heading down the ramp. He turns his head, “They are drastically more efficient and less prone to breakdown than lifts.” He continues down the ramp, “They do however take up considerably more space.”

The four of them explore the next level, following Bennie’s directions as he scans the ship from the Ghost. Eventually, they end up in a corridor larger than the others they’ve been exploring. At the end, a massive blast door.

Maxim stops about thirty meters from the blast door, the closed blast door. Gabe, Prathea, and Jor’Lu hustle past him toward the large door.

Prathea runs her hand along the seam of the massive doors, “How do we get inside?”

“How can we be sure this is the engineering compartment?” Jor’Lu asks, looking back the way they came.

From Maxim’s wrist comm an indignant Bennie hollers, “Because I said it was! I’m looking at the scanners right now. The power signature we could detect is about ten meters from you.”

Gabe  walks over to the door, “I believe I can interface the door with Bennie back on the Ghost in order to gain access.”

Over the wrist comm Bennie chimes in, “Yeah just put the remote interface unit by the control panel and splice it in. There is a control panel, right?”

“There is,” Gabe replies, taking a small electronic device from the case he’s carrying. While his smaller pair of hands attaches the remote access device, his much more powerful main set of arms, is prying off the access panel.

Ten minutes later the remote interface is attached to the wall next to the panel, several wires are strung between the open panel and the device.

“This will take a minute,” Bennie says from the Ghost. A few seconds later, “Ok this will take more than a minute.”

“How long?” Maxim asks?

“You can’t rush genius you big drennog.”

Maxim looks at Prathea and Jor’Lu and shrugs.

The door hisses and begins to open. Maxim exchanges a glance with Gabe then looks down at his wrist comm, “Can’t rush it, huh?”

Bennie tuts, “I didn’t say it’d take very long, just that you can’t rush it.”

The door finishes opening, revealing a massive chamber. Jor’Lu rushes inside before Maxim can stop her. He rushes in behind her, “Gabe, you and Prathea wait one.”

As Jor’Lu rushes into the chamber, she plays her flashlight around the room. Maxim’s beam joins hers illuminating sections of the space, it’s enormous. She turns, “It’s—” she stops as she turns right into the beam of Maxim’s flashlight, “Oh my! Very bright!”

Maxim moves his beam away from her face. It stops on a massive structure in the back of the room, “Is that the—”

“Engine? Yes.” Jor’Lu says walking towards it.

“May we come in now?” Gabe says from the doorway. Maxim turns to see the tall droid leaning in from the doorframe, with the much shorter Prathea doing the same underneath him. He motions for them both to enter, “Come on in.”

Prathea looks at the engine when she gets close to Maxim, “Wow, that’s a big reactor.”

Gabe raises a handheld scanner and sweeps the room, “Interesting,” he walks off, and says, “Interesting.” again


While they’re not permanent parts of the team (No they don’t all die), it has been fun writing the science team and having them interact with the crew of the Ghost. Especially as it adds an unstable element to the only newly formed team dynamic.


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By John Wilker

I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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