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February 2018

Starting is the Hardest Part of Writing

I’ve no idea what other writers do to get started on their writing, but for me, it’s a multi-step thing, before I ever start to type. Space Rogues is the only exception to this post (And yeah that means only 2 data points, inclusive, whatever). That was created, as I’ve said many times, without a plan of any kind. That said, Space Rogues 2, and now 3, both started like this: I start with my iPad and Goodnotes (my all-time most highly recommended, favorite iPad app). I start with just jotting down ideas; Questions about plot points, or existing loose ends I might want to tackle. Sometimes an idea will come in but isn’t a whole book, so it’ll get a little note about maybe it’s a subplot. As I…

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The Strength of Social Proof

The original title of this post was, “Would you like a free copy of Space Rogues 2: I’ll have a Subtitle Soon, Promise (it’s a working title).” Catchier¬†right? It’s also really long! LOL. So back to the title of this post, Social Proof. When you go to Amazon to buy a book, or a humidifier or a file cabinet, you look at reviews right? You look at the overall rating and scan the reviews. If you’re like me you weigh the good reviews with the more critical; you also look for the highest number of reviews. The more reviews you have available to look at the more likely you are to look at, let alone, buy that thing, right? I know that’s how I shop. So here’s the thing, launching…

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