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May 2018

Space Rogues 2: Hot off the …. Presses?

Here it is! To say I’m excited is an understatement! The excitement is compounded by the upcoming wide release of not just Space Rogues 2, but of Space Rogues 1. Space Rogues 1 will be available on all the digital platforms on June 3. Space Rogues 2 will be available June 29! Both books are available for pre-order on all platforms right now! Go get ’em!   I’m really happy with everything about Space Rogues 2: Big Ship, Lots of Guns. The cover is amazing, I think the writing is pretty solid (My editor agrees!) and I think the universe I’m building is taking even more shape. We’re meeting more people and visiting more places, I’m gonna need an atlas soon!   I decided to take my work wide for…

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Taking my Writing Wide (Or, Bye Amazon Kindle Unlimited)

Amazon is Capricious. There’s been a lot of hubbub in the indie author community of late, almost all of it related to Amazon’s treatment of authors. Namely; Review stripping, Kindle Unlimited page reads stripping, account suspensions, and more. All with no recourse for those affected. Any email from Amazon will likely include horrible news, with zero you can do to challenge the outcome. Of course, it’s their right to do as they choose, and really they care about the “customer”, not the supplier. Stripped of page reads because of bots? Too bad for you. Half your reviews removed? That’s too bad. Amazon loves bots and machine learning, except their systems, suck. They can’t identify accounts using bots, only the results of bot usage, so they punish those people. They can’t…

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Jumped Ship on the Apple Watch

So for a while, I’ve been toying with abandoning the Apple Watch. I made the attempt a few months back at wearing it on my right arm as an activity tracker. The experiment was short-lived, it just wasn’t very comfortable. So I went back to wearing the Apple Watch as my daily watch. But still didn’t love it. I hadn’t used any apps on the watch in, well I can’t recall how long, it was basically doing two things: unlocking my Mac, and acting as an activity tracker. For the former, it was fine, for the latter, however, it sucked. I couldn’t track my sleep since I could never create a habit to charge the watch around mid-day. A while ago at a conference, a bunch of us were around the…

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Getting the Rachio 3 Set up

We moved in November. I don’t recommend it, for one reason: Things are winterized, you don’t know what’s planted where, and you don’t know the condition of your sprinkler system. (Obviously, this last one only applies if you’re moving into a Single Family home). As I’ve been smartifying the house, a smart sprinkler was a definite must. Even when we had a place down in Highlands Ranch, I hated my sprinklers running in the middle of a rainstorm. I still hate it and when I see a house where it’s happening I want to knock on their door. I really wanted something HomeKit connected; one for the security, and two, for the convenience. The choices there are slim. I like Rachio because their kit is attractive, and they’re a CO Company….

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