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June 2018

WIP Thursday 6-28-18

I’m working on Space Rogues 3 and am really enjoying it. I feel like the crew is really coming together. I finished a scene last night that I loved, so here’s a bit of it! Oh! Before you go any further, SPOILER WARNING FOR SPACE ROGUES 2. -=-=- Seriously, spoilers -=-=- Not kidding! -==- “That was me,” Gabe says, walking into the lounge from the hatch that leads to engineering. “You and Bennie were unable to walk, so I carried you back to the ship and put you to bed.” “Uh. I woke up naked.” Wil says, starting to blush. “It was my understanding from Bennie that you sleep in the nude.” Gabe offers, coming to stand near the kitchenette. Zephyr stifles a laugh and Wil makes a sour looking…

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A month of being ‘wide’

So, you may recall I took Space Rogues and went wide at the beginning of June, ‘how’s that been going?’ you ask? Well, it’s going OK-ish.  The biggest ‘downside’ of going wide is losing access to Kindle Unlimited. KU is a hot mess to be sure, scammers are winning while honest indies are losing. Amazon knows and well, says they care, but I don’t think they do. Even though, the page reads were a nice boost month-to-month. SO. Here I am, almost to the end of June, and sales are, well, ok. Not “Oh my God, I’ve made it” But certainly not horrible (but close). Part of going wide is that I can offer Space Rogues 1 at $.99 to (I hope) encourage folks to read through to Space Rogues…

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