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August 2018

WIP Thursday 8-16-18

Sorry, I know I haven’t been very reliable lately on WIP Thursday posts. That said, I’m happy to share this one, and report that “Space Rogues 3: I Should Come up With 20 Books Worth of Names in Advance” (Definitely a working title) is coming along. As of my typing this post, I’m at 40,869 words! So I’m sitting here in Denver, enjoying a homemade pickle (The garden is going gangbuster!) and writing as fast as I can to get Space Rogues 3 out before the end of 2018.  In the meantime, enjoy this little bit, that I just finished. I really enjoyed writing it. Deep Thoughts at Weird Times “Where’s the Berserker?” Wil asks, bringing the Ghost around on an attack run on one of the larger captured vessels. “Well…

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