November 2018

My First BookBub Deal!

I realized I never mentioned this. I got a BookBub (BB from here out)! If that name means nothing to you, you should sign up if you like getting great deals on books. They’re basically the big dog of book promo sites. Getting a BB is a big deal, getting rejected is a badge of honor among indie authors. There are two types of BB deals, free and discounted. Within those, there’s also international and US only. I got a free book, international deal. When you apply for your deal, one of the questions is are your dates flexible? Since I was applying on a lark, as I hadn’t in a few months, and now had two books, I checked, ‘yes’. I got the deal. After spinning around in my chair…

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WIP Thursday 11/1/18

Been a while since the last WIP post. I have a good excuse though! I’ve wrapped up Space Rogues 3; the cover is being created, the manuscript is heading to the editor, and I’ve already started working on the first draft of Space Rogues 4: Space is Dangerous (It’s a working title). I’m really excited to release Space Rogues 3: The Behemoth Job! I hope you like it! Until then, enjoy one of the first scenes in Space Rogues 4. He starts chewing, “They don’t like me, because I’m smarter.” Maxim laughs, “No offense my friend, but these people are some of the best and brightest of the Galactic Commonwealth.” He cuts off another piece of jerlack steak and between chews, adds, “They’re paying really well, don’t screw this up…

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