2018 Conferences, Wrapped. Onward!

Warning: This has little to do with writing. Last week, I wrapped up the last of 2018’s 360|Conferences events. 360|iDev, like her sisters; 360|AnDev and Chicago Roboto did really well this year. I’m three for three, turning a profit. That is probably a head scratcher, “Just now turning a profit?” Chicago Roboto launched in 2017. 360|AnDev in 2016. Not unexpectedly, new events struggle to get their footing. 360|iDev has had profitable years but had a super horrible one in 2017. One Horrific Year In fact, 2017 was seriously the worst year of my life. It was horrible. My closing keynote for 360|iDev 2018 touches on it some, I might release it. Last year I got teary on stage thinking “This might be the last time I see these people.” This…

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WIP Thursday 8-16-18

Sorry, I know I haven’t been very reliable lately on WIP Thursday posts. That said, I’m happy to share this one, and report that “Space Rogues 3: I Should Come up With 20 Books Worth of Names in Advance” (Definitely a working title) is coming along. As of my typing this post, I’m at 40,869 words! So I’m sitting here in Denver, enjoying a homemade pickle (The garden is going gangbuster!) and writing as fast as I can to get Space Rogues 3 out before the end of 2018.  In the meantime, enjoy this little bit, that I just finished. I really enjoyed writing it. Deep Thoughts at Weird Times “Where’s the Berserker?” Wil asks, bringing the Ghost around on an attack run on one of the larger captured vessels. “Well…

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I was looking at old posts and remembered that I’d posted a “one month in” update on leaving KDP Select (Kindle Unlimited). Now it’s two months, so why not another update? First of all, the biggest challenge of being on all the eBook stores… Tracking. There aren’t very many great ways to track sales without going to each site to see the data. I’m hoping one day Book Report adds the other stores. Of course, Kindle is still the king. Recent developments (Amazon finally cracking down on scammers) have made me second guess going wide, but I still think it’s the best approach. I hope it’s a sacrificing short-term (KU page reads going into my bank account) thing for long-term (more people on more platforms, plus really Amazon needs some competition!)…

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WIP Thursday 6-28-18

I’m working on Space Rogues 3 and am really enjoying it. I feel like the crew is really coming together. I finished a scene last night that I loved, so here’s a bit of it! Oh! Before you go any further, SPOILER WARNING FOR SPACE ROGUES 2. -=-=- Seriously, spoilers -=-=- Not kidding! -==- “That was me,” Gabe says, walking into the lounge from the hatch that leads to engineering. “You and Bennie were unable to walk, so I carried you back to the ship and put you to bed.” “Uh. I woke up naked.” Wil says, starting to blush. “It was my understanding from Bennie that you sleep in the nude.” Gabe offers, coming to stand near the kitchenette. Zephyr stifles a laugh and Wil makes a sour looking…

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