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January 2019

WIP Thursday 1-31

Space Rogues 4 is proceeding nicely. Slower than i expected, but it’s a more complex story. This book shows the crew’s strengths in different ways. Showing that while they’re stronger together they’re also forces to be reckoned with singly and in smaller groups. “So, which one can you fly?” Bennie asks Maxim, looking from the fighter deck below to the big Palorian kneeling next to him. They’re crouching in one of the larger air ducts near the top most section of the multi deck hangar facility. “Uh, well, none.” Before Bennie can reply, he adds, “I was never a fighter pilot, but that,” he points to a craft, larger than the strike fighters that litter the deck of the hangar. “What the wurrin is that?” Bennie asks, holding his wristcomm…

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WIP Thursday 1-10-19

Most of you probably won’t see this until Friday, but whatever. I was sitting at my desk looking for motivation and realized; one, I hadn’t done WIP Thursday in a bit and 2, I hadn’t done one (IIRC) for Space Rogues 4. So here we are. This is short but fun. “At least this corridor seems heated.” Maxim says as he and Bennie head off down the long moderately well lit service corridor leading to the main research complex. Bennie, finally warm looks up at his big friend, “So, what do you think we’re getting ourselves into? We know it can’t be Peacekeepers, rogue or otherwise, we just left that party. It can’t be some super computer intelligence, we’ve done that already, what would be the odds?” Maxim tuts, “You’re…

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