February 2019

An Update on Being “Wide”

For those following along at home, I’ve been selling Space Rogues “Wide” since the middle-ish of last year. There’s a myriad reasons, but mostly I dislike my eggs in one basket, and even more dislike the zero sum game that is Kindle Unlimited. So, I’m wide. That means you can get the Space Rogues series on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Apple Books, and Google books. As well as in print anywhere you can request books (bookstores and libraries). So, how’s that going? Quite well actually. Amazon is of course still the bulk of my sales, but not all. This pie chart is 2019 only, because I’ve begun tracking my weekly sales in a spreadsheet, and calculating the breakdown sales by store weekly from that data. Last week Amazon was 87%, at…

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People Asked me Things. I Answered

I’ve been trying to get out more and get some author interviews and such. Why? Because any part of business is promotion and brand building, so the more places my name comes up, the better. You know, it theory :) Not only am I going go talk up each interview, but the source, because both are great! Round About Creative Chaos This is actually my second interview, I know the hosts through my conference business, and my first interview was all about that. It’s a fun listen too. This interview was taped on location at 360|iDev, and was a blast, especially because Jean and Joe are awesome (co-interviewees with literary backstories) but also because it took place after another event so we had a room of people to engage with…

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The Ghost is getting a Makeover

Technically she got one already for book three. The awesome Ian Bristow rendered up a ‘new and improved’ Ghost for that book cover. I love Ian’s take on the Ghost. One of my big plans for this (and the end of last) year was consolidating the look of the Ghost. For the eagle-eyed among you, she’s changed looks with each cover. That’s largely because each cover has been created by a different artist, which is kinda cool in it’s own right. That said, I love consistency My grand plan moving forward is to have amazing backgrounds for each cover, but the Ghost be a constant. We’re getting there. I’m working with the awesome Sean Tourangeau On the next iteration of the Ghost. Above is the first WIP he’s sent me….

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Large Print

So, I decided to try something. large Print. It’s been on my mind for a while, I mean if someone wants Space Rogues in Large Print why not offer it too them? I just wasn’t sure the least painful way to do it, and then Vellum, one of my favorite apps ever, solved it for me! Now, when exporting a print edition, I can select Large Print, and it will upscale the font, adjust the margins, etc for me. It’s not perfect, ideally I can export regular and large together, but for now it’s fine. So there we go, know anyone that likes large print books? and of course Scifi? :) Go ahead and point them to Space Rogues LP. If it starts to sell, I’ll get books 2&3 up…

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