Meet the new Ghost

If you’ve been following along at home, you know I’ve been on the look out for a single unified look for the Ghost. I’ve found it, more or less :)

I found an awesome designer on Deviant Art and after a little discussion and back and forth, the New Ghost was born!

New Ghost

We came up with a bunch of angles for the ship, so not only do I have assets for the Cover of Space Rouges 4: Stay Warm, Don’t Die, but I’ve got assets to now update the covers of the previous 3 books to unify what the Ghost looks like. I’m excited! While I’ve loved every version and the artists who created them, it’ll be nice to have a completely my own design ship to show off. I made sure Greg knew about things that had been discussed in the books (Turret over the bridge, nacelle mounted blasters, etc)

You can see the new covers on the books page. I’ll be updating the various online stores over time.

By John Wilker

I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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