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July 2019

Know What Tomorrow Is?

If you said, “The 26th?” You’d be correct, but that’s not what I meant. What I meant it’s Space Rogues 4: Stay Warm, Don’t Die-Eve! That’s right, right now, like literally, right this second, you can buy and download (or get a paperback in a week) So do it, go get it at whichever fine ebook selling establishment you prefer (because options rock!!) I’m really excited to share the forth adventure of Wil and the crew of the Ghost with you.   See you out there!

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Grab a few awesome ebooks for the long weekend!

Ready for a nice long weekend full of airborne explosions and grilling? Why not grab a few awesome ebooks to read by the pool while you digest all that fantastic picnic food? I’m part of a cool giveaway with a bunch of other indie authors, take a look, grab some books! Giveaways like this are a great way for indie authors to build up their email list and find new fans. I like to participate in them from time to time, for that exact reason. You never know when the freebie book you download will be one of your all-time favorites. So, take a look, worst case you delete those books you don’t enjoy, best case you find your latest favorite!

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