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I really need to get better at sharing these. WIP Thursdays are some of my favorite posts.

Space Rogues 5: Danger, Space, The Usual (Working Title) is with Beta Readers now, then off to the editor. In the meantime, a brief scene with Zephyr and Maxim oversharing.

The two Palorians say nothing for a minute, staring at the smug military man. The moment Pierce adjusts his seat, Zephyr answers, “Where to start?” She smiles. “We’ve been with Wil for a few cycles now, he rescued us from prison, after we’d been framed by our superiors, who were hoping to start a minor brushfire war to force several non-aligned sectors to join the GC.”
Maxim chimes in, “Don’t forget the heist, that was a ton of fun. Highlight of that whole thing for me. Well, close second. Using those ship-busters on Janus’ forces, that was the highlight.” He brings his fists together then pulls them apart opening his fingers, mimicking the explosion for Pierce.
Zephyr continues, “After that we did some bounty hunting and privateering for a while. The heist, didn’t quite go the way it was supposed to.” When she sees the confused look on Pierce’s face she adds, “Oh we crushed it as Wil says. The customer however was a criminal scum bag—”
“A dead one now.” Maxim throws in.
Zephyr nods, “He sold us out so even after saving the GC from a civil war, we had a price on our heads so big it would take cycles to pay off.”
Pierce holds up a hand, “Wait, wait. The three of you stopped a military conspiracy?” Both aliens nod. “Then you became privateers and bounty hunters?” More nodding. “Sounds exciting.” Pierce says, tapping the tablet on the table in front of him.
“That’s just the start of it,” Maxim says, “Then we destroyed a massive warship, a dreadnaught, do you know what that is?” Pierce nods, “Ok, yeah so this dreadnaught was actually a giant artificial intelligence from several thousand light years beyond the GC.” He looks at Zephyr, “The what of parts?”
“Amalgamation,” She offers.
“Right, so the amalgamation of parts had sent this ship to destroy all biological life it encountered, but it bumbled into a massive EM blast from a nebula.” He takes a breath.
Zephyr picks up the story, “We sort of accidentally turned it on—”
“Technically, that was Murta.” Maxim corrects.
“True. He’s dead too.” She admits then continues, “The dreadnaught realized it couldn’t complete its mission alone, so it headed for Borrolo.”
“What’s a Borrolo?” General Pierce asks.
“It’s a system, home to a massive long range sensor platform for deep space observation.” Maxim says, “Or at least it was. The Harrith Navy showed up and helped destroy the dreadnaught, but in the process also did considerable damage to the sensor array.”
“Who are the Harrith?” Pierce says becoming confused.
Zephyr smiles, it’s not a friendly kind of smile, “Oh they’re the people we saved from being absorbed into the GC at gun point, way back on our first job with Wil.”
Before Pierce can catch his breath Maxim adds, “Oh and don’t forget those nasty space monsters that nearly killed us on Glacial.” He shudders exaggeratedly, “Nasty things.”
Zephyr nods vigorously, “Remember what they did to poor Coorish.”
Maxim grimaces, “So gross. But we discovered the ruins of an ancient civilization, so that was neat.”
“True, but Farsight will just mine it for tech, likely turning it all into weapons.” Zephyr says.
“We forgot the behemoths,” Maxim starts.
“That’s right, and our friend the avatar.” Zephyr adds.
Pierce holds up both hands, “Are you two kidding me?”
Zephyr leans forward, placing her chin in her hands, “General Pierce, there is so much more out there than you could ever imagine. Whatever your worst fears about outer space are, multiply them by ten.”
Maxim grins, “And that’s only the stuff the GC has come across.” He slaps a hand down on the table, “We forgot to tell him about the Xelurians.” He leers at Pierce, “Or as Wil calls them, spider-bears.”
Pierce blanches, stands and heads for the door. As he crosses the threshold Zephyr calls out, “We can talk about the spider-bears later I guess.” The door closes.

I haven’t shared a ton about Space Rogues 5 (That I can recall) so I’m happy to share this little bit. The two Palorians take tremendous pleasure in squashing the ego of a General that thinks he has it all locked down and under his control. They’re stuck on a primitive planet with delusions of superiority.


I can’t wait for you all to read Space Rogues 5, coming this Christmas!

By John Wilker

I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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