WIP Thursday 3/19 – Deep Thoughts

I have been, well lax would be generous, on WIP Thursday posts. Partly because it can be tough to pick a scene that doesn’t give anything away.


I wrote one last weekend that I liked and made me chuckle, so here we are.

Cynthia steps out of the small refresher compartment in the quarters she and Wil share. He’s sitting on the edge of the bed. She adjusts her towel and sits next to him placing an arm around his shoulders, “You ok?” She looks at his grime covered body and removes her arm, “Touching after showers.” She mumbles examining the fine hairs on her arm to see if she needs another shower.
Wil grins, “Just thinking.”
When he doesn’t immediately continue Cynthia pushes, “About what?”
Wil shrugs, “Well, Rey was palatines granddaughter. We know she had parents, but who was her grandmother? Or mom and dad for that matter? Palpatine had a son, what was he out there doing while his dad was emporering?”
Cynthia stands punching him in the arm, “You’re an idiot. Shower, now.” She moves to the dresser they share and removes a clean jumpsuit. “Emporering isn’t a thing.”
Wil stands and walks into the small compartment, “I mean, it’d have to have been a powerful Jedi, right? A female Sith? Did Palpatine have a harem? Was Rey’s mom force sensitive?” He ducks inside the refresher as a boot strikes the wall where his head had been.
After dressing Cynthia opens the hatch and shouts toward the refresher, “He almost certainly had a harem, evil drennogs always do.” She closes the hatch before he can answer.
In the hallway Maxim is exiting the quarters he and Zephyr share. He nods, “Who has a harem? We don’t have space for anyone to set up a harem on the Ghost.”
Cynthia starts to answer, then just waves a hand, “Nothing, Wil being Wil.”

Space Rogues 7 is coming along nicely. This scene is halfway(ish) in. I’m currently planning on it releasing around Christmas time.

In this time of forced work from home and social isolation, I hope you’re at least reading good things that make you happy.

Tell me what you’re reading.

By John Wilker

I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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