Meet Jace Caruso (WIP Friday…)

I’ve hit the point in my writing where I’m comfortable in branching out. Not too far out as you’ll see, but outside the Space Rogues universe.

I’ve only written two scenes so far, but I have most of this story in my head, and the rest, like all my work, I’ll discover as I go.

Jace is our hero. He’s in a universe where humanity has expanded to the stars, settling planets, causing wars, doing all the stuff we’re good at here on Earth but on a cosmic scale.

I’m exploring his background as I go, but know already that he’s a loner. He’s long since gotten over having people in his life.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Jace nodded, “Yeah, I had to lay low after that ass-kicking I gave to the Delphino brothers.”
Lucas grunted, “Uh, they kicked your ass. Your eye is still a little purple.” The bartender looked around, “They shipped out huh?”
Jace touched his left eye and frowned, “Yeah, Rudy told me their ship departed last night.” Lucas sighed and walked over to a woman who had sat down at the far end of the bar.
“Are you Jace Caruso?” A voice asked from behind him.
Jace didn’t look up, “No.”
He looked over his shoulder at a middle-aged man in what looked like an expensive suit. It took the man a few seconds before the man said, “Uh, your business manager said I’d find you here, and described you, in detail.”
Jace shrugged, “He’s a liar.”
“So, you are Jace Caruso?” The man pressed.
Jace exhaled and spun on his barstool, “What do you want? I have a lovely night of getting drunk and making questionable decisions ahead of me.”
The businessman cleared his throat, “Um yes, well I need your help. I’m Sylvester Kline, I represent ReliefCorp. We’d like to hire you.”
Jace looked around. He leaned over to look behind the businessman for the candid vidcast crew that surely was lurking nearby, “Uh what? Why would you want to me to be a relief worker? Nothing in my life would make anyone think that was a thing I’d excel at.”
From the other end of the bar, Lucas said, “Yeah he’s pretty selfish.” Jace looked down the length of the bar and flipped him off. Lucas added, “And lazy.” The bartender smirked.
The man cleared his throat, “I, no.” He shook his head, “We don’t want you as a relief worker. We need you to rescue them, actually.”
Jace turned back to the businessman, “I’m sorry, what? Rescue them? The aid workers?”
The man pushed Jace aside to set a data tablet on the bar. The screen came to life showing a data file for a planet, Mariposa.
“Mariposa?” Jace asked, “The bloody civil war in progress Mariposa?”
Kline looked from the tablet to Jace, “Well yes, currently. ReliefCorp has had an aid station set up in the lower highlands outside the capital for almost five years. The Imperial supported government has been making strides in solidifying their control over the planet. Our camp was helping those affected by the fighting.”

So that’s part of the opening of Jace Caruso: Space Loner (Very much not the title, but what I have now)

I’m still planning to keep (more or less) to my Space Rogues release schedule, and just mix in my new series and see how it goes.

By John Wilker

I'm a science fiction writer and conference organizer. In 2017 I published my first book, 'Space Rogues', a fun Sci-Fi adventure with a fun cast of characters. I'm also the co-founder of 360|Conferences, a conference and event logistics consulting company.

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