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Goodnight, Winston

We met Paco and Winston about 10 years ago when we became their forever parents. Pet ownership is never without challenges but it’s been an amazing 10 years with two delightful little souls. Their energy and curiosity have lead to a lot of laughs.

Brothers, we adopted them both when we met them. How could we not?

While we had to rush to the vet once or twice when they decided to re-enact their favorite scene from Mad Max, I wouldn’t trade the time we had with them, even though Winston was great at starting shit he couldn’t back up.

The boys in their forever home

He loved his brother mostly, but in the words of their daycare, he was “Socially selective” with other dogs. But offer a lap and he was yours until you got bored, because he never got tired of sitting on laps.

Last night, Winston passed away. It was sudden and without warning. We were watching TV, he came in from outside, hopped up on the couch to snuggle with Mom (Nicole), and just… just died.

We’re going to miss him a lot. With Terrence and Philip they grew old and we had time to see their decline and be with them. When their times came we were ready, so were they. Winston was there, snuggling, then gone.

I’m glad that earlier in the day both little monkeys as we call them wanted ‘dad time’ joining me in my chair for a dog pile of kisses and wiggling. Well, kisses from Paco.

Winston was our little gentleman. He was stingy with kisses. Any day with more than one kiss from Winston was a banner day. He’d snuggle all day long, burrowing under the blanket with you, but kisses, those were for special occasions.

Winston being his regal self

Winston’s ideal day was sitting curled up next to Nicole on the couch. He hated getting dirty. He hated leaving our side, well mostly Nicole’s I was optional most of the time.

Winston had no interest in being alone, unlike his brother who we think might be a cat dressed as a dog. Every night Winston came upstairs with us and waited for his teeth to be brushed before jumping up on the bed. He was Nicole’s “little spoon”. He’d sleep between us, his cute little head poking out of the covers between our pillows.

Sometimes he’d wake us up in the middle of the night while having a particularly awesome chasing a thing dream.

Winston was an awesome road trip buddy even though he hated the idea of leaving the house. He would lay down with a resigned sigh, like, “Fine, I’ll go. Let me know when we get there.”

I’m going to miss you a lot little man. Like a lot. Paco misses you and doesn’t understand why we ran out of the house last night in a frenzy, leaving him all alone, let alone why you didn’t come home with us, or why we were crying so hard.

I’ll never forget your goofy underbite or how angry you got about being expected to fetch things just for us to throw them again.

Goodnight, Winston

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