Space Rogues 3: The Behemoth Job

For the crew of the Ghost it’s never just a job

The last one nearly cost them a member of the crew.

Well, they fight spider-bears, meet Bennie’s family and learn more than anyone wants to about Wil’s digestive tract, and Wil reveals what he’s been hiding under his bed all this time.

I don’t laugh out loud a lot, but have with this series.
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And then it gets interesting!

An old boss calls on Wil, and while he’s reluctant to get back into working with Xarrix, the money is outstanding, and the job seems straightforward. With nothing else on their plates, the crew of the Ghost finds themselves in a sector of space deemed “untamable” by the Galactic Commonwealth, working with a warlord with some pretty big plans.

Things, as you might expect, go downhill fast.

Xarrix has learned from past experiences and assigns one of his own to stay aboard the Ghost to keep an eye on the crew and make sure they behave themselves, as if that was possible, worse yet it’s someone the team knows, and don’t particularly like.

And then there’s the space battle and grilled cheese.


Can Wil and the crew save the day one more time? There’s only one way to find out, get your copy today!

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Available: December 24, 2018
Print Length: 312
Published by: Rogue Publishing ltd

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